How to Bulk Update Lead Fields?

Use the bulk update feature to update a single lead field across a series of leads. Here’s how to do it –


Filtering Your Leads

You can use quick search or advanced search on the Manage Leads page to filter and find the leads you’re looking to update. For more information on advanced search, see How to Use Advanced Search.


Performing Bulk Update

After you’ve filtered your leads,

  1. On the Manage Leads page, click the checkboxes alongside the leads you want to modify. Alternatively, you could click the checkbox alongside the ‘Lead Name’ column to select all leads.
  2. Next, hover your cursor over the Actions menu, then click Bulk Update.
  3. On the Bulk Update pop-up, use the drop-downs to select the Lead Field and the New Value. Click the checkbox to update leads across all pages.

You’ll receive a confirmation message stating that your bulk update request has been queued. You can click the link in the message to view the status.

Lead Bulk Update


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For more lead management feature, see Lead Management Feature Guide.

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