Managing and Configuring Lead Stages

1. Feature Overview

Leads go through different stages as they progress from being prospects to becoming your customers.
For example, here’s a sample sales funnel with a number of different lead stages –

LeadSquared - Sample Sales Funnel

In a nutshell, the Lead Stages feature helps you create and track your sales funnel within LeadSquared. It gives the Sales User information about where a lead is in the funnel and helps them perform relevant activities and tasks to convert leads into customers.

LeadSquared is configured with three default Lead Stages

  • Prospect
  • Opportunity
  • Customer
Note: Lead Stages may vary from company to company and industry to industry. LeadSquared allows you to customize and add Lead Stages to account for these variations.

You can create new stages, and edit existing ones to suit your preference. Once you’ve configured it, you can leverage other LeadSquared features like Automations based on the Lead Stage for a streamlined workflow.


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • You should have a clear idea of the different stages in your sales funnel.


3. Active and Inactive Stages

Qualified Leads that have the potential to become customers can be categorised under Active Stages like Prospect or Opportunity.

Disqualified Leads that do not show any promise of becoming successful customers can be categorised under Inactive Stages like Invalid or Not Interested.


4. Creating and Configuring Lead Stages

Follow the steps below to add and arrange a new Lead Stage – 

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Leads>Lead Stages
  2. Under Active Lead Stages or Inactive Lead Stages, click Add.
  3. Click to save the newly created Lead Stage. 
  4. Under the lick the checkbox Azure checkbox
  5. Under Other Properties, click any of checkboxes Azure checkbox  to add the available characteristics to the Lead Stage.

LeadSquared - Adding Lead S

Enables comments about stage change to describe the process behind the lead going through the sales funnel.
Is MandatoryMarks the field as mandatory. Users won’t be able to create a new lead record without filling this field.
Show in Quick AddIncludes the field in the quick add lead option to create a new lead.
Include in Mail MergeIncludes this field as a mail merge option for email personalization.
Show in ImportEnables the field for mapping during lead import through CSV.


5. Other Actions

  • To edit/rename the Lead Stage, click Edit.
  • To delete the Lead Stage, click delete.
  • To arrange the Lead Stages, in a sequential order, click .

LeadSquared - Editing Lead Stages


6. Next Steps

Once you are done creating and configuring Lead Stages, you can view them on your Manage Leads or Smart Views page. You can also view the Lead Stage of a specific lead on the Lead Details page.

The Automation feature helps automatically push your leads through your sales funnel based on your sales workflows. To know more, see Automation – Feature Guide.

LeadSquared - Lead Stage in Lead Details page


Any Questions?

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