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How to make a Custom Field Unique in your LeadSquared Application?

This help article allows you to understand how to make a custom field unique in your LeadSquared CRM. This allows you to uniquely identify a Lead in LeadSquared.  Making a custom field unique prevents a LeadSquared user from creating a Lead record with duplicate custom field value.

Example: Consider that you run an Educational Institution and every student has a unique identification number. In this case, you create a custom field called Student ID. This custom field can be used to uniquely identify Students in your LeadSquared account.

Similar to student ID, Driving Licence number, Citizen ID number and so on can be made a unique identifier in your LeadSquared account.

Note: By default, the ‘Email’, ‘Phone’ and ‘Mobile’ lead fields are unique.


  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared CRM
  • You should be an administrator user of your LeadSquared CRM


  • Use the Search field, if you want to search for an existing custom field and make it unique. If you want to create a custom field and then make it unique, click Create.

Note: For more information on custom fields, refer to How to create custom fields in LeadSquared?

As an example, a custom field Citizen ID number is created.

  • Click  under Actions against the required custom field. You can view Mark Unique which marks the phone number field as the unique identifier in your LeadSquared account. Click Mark Unique and the Mark Unique pop-up box appears as shown in the image below:

  • Click Yes to confirm. The following confirmation box appears:

The custom field is now marked as unique and serves as a unique identifier for Leads in your LeadSquared account.

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