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How to Merge Leads in your LeadSquared Account

You can now Merge duplicate lead records of same lead in your LeadSquared account to one lead. This helps immensely in eliminating multiple duplicate lead records present in your account.


You are logged into LeadSquared Application.


1. Navigate to Leads > Manage Leads on Menu bar to reach Manage Leads Page.

2. Spot the duplicate leads either manually or by using Search feature.

3. Select the leads you wish to merge as shown in the image below.

4. Hover the cursor on Actions Section to see Merge Leads in the list of options.

Merge Leads pic 1

5. On selecting Merge Leads option you will be prompted to Merge Leads Page.

Here only those columns where the values are different are shown. You may choose to see all the fields by selecting “Show all columns” check box seen on page.

Merging multiple lead records would finally create a single Merged Lead with your choice of lead data selected to be retained in its fields.

6. Select required value (lead data) in each column that needs to be retained for the Merged Lead.

7. Click Merge button to confirm the lead merge operation.

Merge leads confirm

8. Notification stating “Leads are merged successfully” will be seen on a Pop-up. You can navigate to Lead Details Page of the merged lead record or Manage Leads Page from there.

merge successful

Note: You can merge upto 20 leads at a time.