Customizing Email Footer Message

The Email footer is an auto-generated content that contains information about email sender and gives recipient an option to unsubscribe or manage mailing preferences.  Typically it will look like:

Email Footer


The footer can be customized to add a custom message and format the way footer renders. Note that following fields are mandatory in footer to comply with anti-spam Law:

  • Company Address including Name, Street Address, City and Country.
  • Unsubscribe link.

To customize the footer, go to Marketing -> Email Campaigns, Create a Campaign go to step 02 of Email Campaign design and locate the edit footer option on the right corner of footer area:

Email Footer Access

A window will open up with an HTML editor to edit the footer:

Edit Footer

The footer editing is essentially editing HTML doc. Just make sure that you do not remove mandatory fields:

Edited Footer

You may make the edited footer as default for all emails that go from your LeadSquared account.

Save Footer

Save the changes.

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