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[24-Jan-20] LeadSquared Mobile Updates (v9.8) for Android

Here’s what’s new on LeadSquared for Android –


Check-in/Check-out Restrictions

Set location and time restrictions for checking-in/out from mobile. For example, you can –

  • Configure a geo-fence around your office to ensure users are checking-in/out only from the office/client locations.
  • Set a minimum number of work hours or allow users to check-out only after office hours.
  • Use location and time restrictions in combination to address unique use cases.

For more details, see Check-in/Check-out Location and Time Restrictions.

CICO Restrictions Android


Tasks Calendar Updates

  • Tasks deleted from the LeadSquared app will also be deleted from your device calendar.
  • Also, when you delete the app, all LeadSquared tasks will be deleted from your device calendar.


Activity Updates

Files can now be attached from all folders on the mobile device including Google Drive folder.