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[26-Nov-19] Exciting New Features in Forms and Processes

We’ve added some neat new features to help you get the most out of LeadSquared’s Forms and Processes.


Add Tasks to Forms

In addition to leads and activities, you can now create tasks through forms. For details, see How to Add Tasks to a Form.

Create form pop-up

New task-specific work areas are available in the process designer.

Manage Tasks in Process Designer

Here’s an example of a form displayed in the Manage Tasks>Create Task work area.

display forms in manage tasks


Add Forms to the Agent Pop-up

Forms can now be configured to appear in the Agent pop-up. Users can also switch between multiple forms. For example, users handling different loan departments can switch between home loan, car loan and personal loan forms as per the lead’s requirement. For details, see How to Create a Process.

Agent Pop up multiple form configurations


Set Payment Values Dynamically

Now set payment amounts dynamically through form rules. So let’s say you have multiple products like health insurance, life insurance, etc. You can now set the payment value depending on the product being purchased. For details, see How to a Payment Gateway to a Form.

setting payment value dynamically


More Field Validation Options

Date fields now allow you to set additional validations like minimum/maximum dates and dynamic date ranges (e.g, After next 7 days, etc.).

date validation properties

OTP validations can now be done through Lapps for customers who’d like to use their own SMS providers.

otp validation in forms


Form Submission Activities

Activities are now posted on form submission to help you maintain a transparent audit log of changes. For more information, see How to Create a Process.

form submission activity

form activity submission data