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How to Add a Payment Gateway to a Form

You can integrate a payment gateway directly into your forms to process transactions from leads. We currently support the following payment gateways –

If you’re new to the forms feature, see How to Create a Form.



  • You must be an administrator user of your LeadSquared account to access the forms feature.
  • You must have an account with a supported payment gateway provider.
  • Your form must contain First Name and Email Address fields. It is good practice to make these fields mandatory.


Adding a Payment Field to a Form

While creating a form, on the left pane click Special Fields, then drag and drop the Payment field into your form.

adding a payment field


Setting Payment Properties

Now click the Payment field in your form and enter the following field properties in the right pane.

Configure payment field properties

Field PropertyDescription
Display NameYou may change the display name of the field from ‘Payment’ to a name of your choice.
ProviderThe payment service provider you have an account with.
KeyThe API keys associated with your payment provider account.
Amount ProviderThe payment amount can be fetched through an API or you can enter an Exact value.
Amount Provider URLIf you select the amount provider field as API, then you must enter the API URL here.
AmountIf you select the amount provider field as Exact, this option will appear. Note that you must enter the amount in the lowest currency denomination.

For example, for $50.50 (fifty dollars and fifty cents), you must enter 5050

CurrencyChoose between Indian Rupee (INR), US Dollar (USD), European Euro (EUR) and Singapore Dollar (SGD).
Product InfoEnter the name of the product here.
RequiredMakes this field mandatory.
Hide by DefaultIf you enable this option, the field will only appear if there is an explicit ‘Show’ form rule associated with it.


Setting the Payment Value Dynamically

You can set the value of the payment dynamically using form rules –

  1. After adding the payment field to your form, navigate to the Rules tab.
  2. Create a rule with the conditions and actions as per your requirements.

In this example, we’re setting the value of the payment through API depending on the insurance product being purchased –

setting payment value dynamically

Once you’re done you can Save and Exit. For more information on forms, see How to Create a Form.