LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v13.3)

The latest updates for our app, available on the Google PlayStore.

Advanced Configuration

We’ve added the following Organization Settings to give you more control over account level configurations –

  • Allow only one user to “Mark a Task Complete” via Dynamic Forms

When enabled, two users will not be able to mark a task as complete from a dynamic form at the same time. Only a single user can mark a task as complete.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

If two users are simultaneously working on the same form, the form will get locked for 10 minutes for the second user if –

  • The first user opens the form but does not submit it.
  • The first user opens the form and then quits the mobile app.

LeadSquared Android App updates


Lead Management

We now support a “Cluster View” of all the leads in your account. To enable this view –

  1. On the Leads Near Me screen, on the bottom-right, tap LeadSquared Android App updates.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Alongside Cluster View, enable the enable icon slider. The Cluster View is enabled for your account.

LeadSquared Android App updates


UI Enhancement

On the Sync screen, the last synced date and time are now visible.

LeadSquared Android App updates


Task Management

On the Tasks screen, the time zone of the task is displayed under Task Details.

LeadSquared iOS App updates