Updates Across LeadSquared

Here’s the newest release on the LeadSquared web platform –

Advanced Configurations

We’ve added the following Organization Settings to give you more control over account level configurations –

  • Enable Auto Check-In on Login
    When enabled, users logging in to their LeadSquared accounts will be automatically checked in. This setting can be enabled only if user check-in is configured on your account. To know how to configure it, refer to User Management Features: Check-In and Check-Out.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

  • Configure Actions Panel in Manage Leads/Activities/Opportunities Page
    You can now configure the Action Panel to hide the following Quick Add action buttons –

    • On the Manage Leads page – Quick Add Lead, Add New Lead and Add New Lead (in a new tab)
    • On the Manage Activities page – Add Activity and Add New Lead
    • On the Manage Opportunities page – Add Opportunity and Add New Lead

To hide these buttons –

    1. Click Configure.
    2. On the Configure Actions Panel pop-up, from the respective entity tabs, uncheck the Checkbox checkboxes for the buttons you want to hide.
    3. Once you’re done, click Save.

In the below example, we’ve configured the Action Panel to hide the Quick Add Lead button on the Manage Leads page.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

  • Enable Hiding Opportunity Activities of other users
    When enabled, the opportunity owner will not be able to view the activities posted on the opportunity by other users, under the Activity History tab on the Opportunity Details and Lead Details pages. For e.g., when there is a change in opportunity owners, this setting can be used to hide past activities from the new owner.


  • Show Only Relevant Opportunities Under a Lead to Sales User
    When enabled, sales users will only be able to view opportunities for which they are the opportunity owner, on the Lead Details page.


  • Change Owner of Opportunity Tasks on Opportunity Owner change
    Once enabled, every time there’s a change in the opportunity owner, pending and overdue tasks on that opportunity will be automatically assigned to the new owner.


  • Restrict all mobile users as email senders
    When enabled, LeadSquared Mobile App users will not appear as the sender in the “From” email dropdowns, across email campaigns, one-to-one emails, automation emails, and landing page auto-response emails. However, mobile users can continue to send emails even after this setting is enabled.


Task Management

We’ve released a new API that allows you to add Appointment and To-do tasks in bulk to multiple users in your account. To know more, refer to Create Tasks in Bulk.



  • On the Manage Opportunities page, the following filters have been added for the Opportunity Advanced Search feature. To get these filters enabled on your account, reach out to your account manager or write to support@leadsquared.com.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

    • Filter opportunities based on the Lead Owner Sales Group.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

    • Select multiple opportunity owners, and filter opportunities tagged to them.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

    • Filter opportunities based on the status (Active or Inactive) of the opportunity owner.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

  • You can also use Advanced Search to filter opportunities by the activities posted on them. This setting is not available for ESS customers.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

  • You can now add activities to multiple opportunities from the Manage Opportunity page and the Opportunity Smart Views tab.
    1. Alongside the opportunities to which you want to add the activities, click the Checkbox checkbox.
    2. Hover your cursor over the Actions menu, and click Add Activity.
    3. On the Bulk Add Notable Activity pop-up, select the activity type and add the required details.
    4. Once you’re done, click Add. The activity is added to the selected opportunities.

LeadSquared Platform Updates

  • You can now use the Opportunity Capture API to overwrite duplicate opportunities with the following parameters – “OverwriteFields” and “UpdateEmptyFields”. To know more, refer to Capture Opportunities.





  • For Multi-Step Forms configured using the “Save the form after each step” Form Save Option, we’ve released a new Additional Setting – Save Previous Tab Data. When enabled, the data stored in the current, as well as previous form tab, is automatically saved when a lead moves on to the next tab. This ensures that dependent fields (set up using form rules) in previous tabs of the form are saved, when values in the current tab are updated.

LeadSquared Platform Updates


LeadSquared Converse

Integrate Converse with LeadSquared’s WhatsApp Connector to have real-time conversations with your leads via WhatsApp. To know more, refer to LeadSquared Converse.

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration



  • The Ameyo connector now supports instant lead sharing. Agents will immediately get (read or write) access to a lead during an ongoing call even if they aren’t the lead owners. To enable this setting, contact us at support@leadsquared.com.
  • The Universal Telephony and LeadSquared Generic Telephony Connectors now support Logout, Check-Out, and Check-In functionality for Single Sign On (SSO). To enable these for your account, contact us at support@leadsquared.com.


UI Enhancements

When leads unsubscribe from your emails, they can now select a reason from the list of options –

Unsubscribe reason from emails