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Sending SMS through LeadSquared

You can send SMS to individual Leads and group of Leads using LeadSquared.

  1. Your SMS connector should be configured and active. Please contact your Admin user if you can’t see SMS feature in LeadSquared.
  2. Sending SMS will incur extra cost. Please get in touch with support@leadsquared.com about the cost details.
Imp Note

The SMS will be sent only to the number in  system created “Phone Number” or “Mobile Number” system fields.  We send SMS to phone number by default. If its empty then we send the SMS to mobile number field. 

SMS to single Lead

Go to Leads -> Manage Leads and hover your mouse on the row action icon to find the option to send SMS. The  SMS option will be shown only if there is valid phone number data present in the Phone Number field of the Lead record. 

Send One SMS


You can select the “Custom Message” option and type in your message.

Sending Custom Message

Or you can select a template

Send SMS - Select Template 1

If there are merge parameter field available in the template they will be replaced by the corresponding data values. Press The Send Message button.

Send SMS - Select Template


SMS to multiple Leads

You can send SMS to multiple Leads by selecting them and using the “Send SMS” option under “Actions” menu of top of the grid.

Send SMS to Mutiple leads


SMS to List of Leads

You can send SMS from Manage List page as shown below:

SMS to List

or from List Details Page to static and dynamic lists as shown below.

Static List:

Static List - Send SMS

Dynamic List:

DL - Send SMS