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Capture Email Sender and Recipients as Leads using Markcopy Connector

In normal course of business you would be interacting with leads using emails outside LeadSquared using your email client like Gmail, Outlook, Apple email client etc.  You can capture the sender and recipient of these emails as Leads in LeadSquared through our “Markcopy Connector”.

You just need to generate a unique email id  in the format  XYZ@markcopy.com.

Capturing Inbound Email as Leads

In your email client, setup auto-forward rule to forward a copy of email to your MarkCopy email id. The Sender will be captured as Leads and email will be captured as a lead activity.

Capturing Outbound Email as Leads

Copy the outbound emails (CC or BCC)  to your MarkCopy email id. The recipients in “To” will be captured as Leads and email will be captured as lead activity. Note that the Addresses in CC or BCC will not be considered for lead creation. Also keep in mind that The Emails sent using MarkCopy are not trackable  – which means open click event on such Emails will not be captured. If a recipient reply is copied to the MarkCopy email id then the reply will also be captured as Lead Activity in LeadSquared.

Configuring MarkCopy Connector

To configure the MarkCopy connector, Navigate to Apps > App Marketplace > select the MarkCopy connector and click on ‘Install‘ button:

Email sync

Clicking on Markcopy connector it will be redirected to Markcopy connector details page, hover the mouse over Settings button to configure the appp.

configure markcopy

OR, On Installing the app, you’ll spot the Markcopy app in Show Installed apps tab. Hover the mouse over gear icon to Configure the app.

config markcopy

Select the values for Source and Activities (which are created by default, if not already present) and Save the Settings.

Markcopy - Settings

Once you save the settings, you will receive an email address like  xyzNNN@markcopy.com on the Configure page. Just copy (CC or BCC) this email address which is unique to your account, and all the conversations with your leads will be automatically tracked in LeadSquared. If a lead is not present, then it is automatically created.

Markcopy Email id