How to Use the My Location History Report?

The My Location History report allows you to track your route on the go, the distance you have covered and the activities you have posted along the route.

To access this report:

  • From the default dashboard menu, go to Reports -> User Productivity Reports -> My Location History. The My Location History report appears:

Here, by default, the Map view tab of the report appears as shown in the image above. Here you can view the following:

  • Routes you have taken
  • Checkin-Checkout locations
  • Activities posted from different locations

To view the details of the above:

  • To view the details of the Activity posted, tap on any of the blue pins.
  • To view your location history details, tap the List view tab on the right.

  • To filter by date, click the calendar icon on the top-right corner to view by Date. By default, you can view the location history of a day before.

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