Navigate Your Way to Success with LeadSquared’s Mobile App

The key discussion points in this webinar were –

  • Take LeadSquared with you wherever you go: Access your lead’s information on the go, including all their activities from first contact to purchase and beyond, even when you’re offline!
  • Find the most efficient route to complete your tasks: The mobile app intelligently plans the most convenient route for you to maximize your productivity and close more deals.
  • Save time with audio recording: Don’t waste time manually typing out your meeting notes. Directly store voice notes in LeadSquared for future use.
  • Don’t lose track of important phone calls: The mobile app automatically links phone calls to your deals, and also records them for reference and quality control.
  • Document collection and KYC processes made easy: Avoid manual errors by scanning documents (like passports, PAN and Aadhaar cards) to directly capture data against leads and opportunities.

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