What’s the difference between Prospect Creation Date and Lead Created On Date?

Business Use Case

LeadSquared captures two important dates related to visitors (prospects) and leads –

  1. Prospect Creation Date – The date when someone visits your website/landing page for the first time.
  2. Lead Created On date – The date a visitor (prospect) is converted into a lead by filling in a website form for example.


What New Customers Should Know

Prospect Creation DateCreated On
It’s the date a prospect or visitor was created. At this stage, the prospect is just a visitor on your website and hasn’t filled any forms or given you any information for you to create a lead.This is the date a prospect was converted into a lead in your LeadSquared account.


What Existing Customers Should Know

If you’ve been a LeadSquared customer before 23rd March 2018, then here’s what you need to know –

 Before 23rd MarchAfter 23rd March
The lead Created On date would capture the date a prospect visited your website.We changed that date to the more aptly named – Prospect Creation Date.
The Conversion Date captured the date a visitor/prospect was converted into a lead in your LeadSquared accountWe did away with the conversion date concept and instead, simply call this date the lead Created On date.


How to View the Prospect Creation Date

You can display the Prospect Creation Date on the Manage Leads page by selecting the columns you want to view in the grid –

View prospect creation date in manage leads

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