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Smart Views for Administrators

Administrators can create smart views and assign them to different teams. As an admin, this gives you control over the views each of your teams see. With this feature, you can show your teams only those accounts, leads, activities and tasks relevant to them.

Note: Smart views assigned to teams will be visible on both web and mobile platforms. This feature is especially helpful to assign smart views to teams working solely on mobile.

If you’re unfamiliar with the smart views feature, see LeadSquared Smart Views. And learn more about the LeadSquared teams feature here.

As an admin, you can manage smart views by navigating to My Account>Settings>Customization>Smart Views.

admin smart views


Create a New Smart View

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Customization>Smart Views and click Create.
  2. Enter a name for the new smart view tab, then click Create Tabs.
  3. Create the smart view tab and click Save. For details on how to create a new smart view tab see the ‘Create a New Tab’ section here.

The following example shows a new smart views tab for ‘Leads from Bangalore’ –

Smart Views for admins

Note: Account tabs in smart views are not available for ESS enabled tenants.


Assign a Smart View Tab to a Team

Once you’ve created a smart view tab, you can assign it to a team.

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Customization>Smart Views.
  2. Hover the cursor over the Actions menu, then click Assign Team.
  3. Alongside the team you want to assign the smart view to, under the Actions column, click the Editpencil iconicon.
  4. In the drop-down under the Smart View column, select the smart view you want to assign the team.
    • Click the checkbox under the Replace column if you wish to replace the previous smart view that was assigned to the team. This will also replace the smart view for any children teams that were inheriting the previous smart view.
  5. Click the Saveicon when under the Actions column when you’re done.

assign tab to team


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