Smart Views for Administrators

1. Feature Overview

Administrators can create smart views and assign them to different teams. As an admin, this gives you control over the views each of your teams see. With this feature, you can show your teams only those accounts, leads, opportunities, activities and tasks relevant to them.


  • Smart views assigned to teams will be visible on both web and mobile platforms. This feature is especially helpful to assign smart views to teams working solely on mobile.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the smart views feature, see LeadSquared Smart Views. To learn more about teams, see LeadSquared Teams.

As an admin, you can manage smart views by navigating to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Views>Smart Views.

Smart Views


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the Admin of your LeadSquared account.
  • You must create Teams in your account.


3. Create a New Smart View

To create the first Smart View tab –

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Views>Smart Views and click Create.
  2. Enter a name for the new smart view tab, then click Create Tabs. You can add Lead, Opportunity, Activity and Task type tabs.
  3. Create the smart view tab and click Save. For details on how to create a new smart view tab see the Smart Views.

The following example shows a new smart views tab for ‘Leads from Bangalore’ –

Smart Views_2

To create subsequent new Smart View tabs –

  1. On the top-right corner of the grid, click the down LeadSquared icon.
  2. Click Add New Tab.

LeadSquared Smart Views




3.1 Configure Quick Actions and Menu Actions

When you create or edit a smart view tab, you can configure the actions you want a user to have on the particular entity. Under the Actions column, click the Configure link –

configure smart views tab

Now, select/de-select the quick actions and menu actions you want to display, then click Done. Click Save once you exit the pop-up.

configure smart views actions

The actions will now appear on the Smart Views page.

quick actions and menu actions

Note: You can also configure lead actions on task tabs. This will help you use task tabs as a single work area.

lead actions on task tabs


3.2 Re-Order Columns

You can re-order columns for any tab by simply dragging and dropping them in the appropriate place –

re-order columns

3.3 Manage Filters 

  1. Navigate to Settings>Leads>Smart Views.
  2. Under Actions, alongside the relevant Smart View, click Edit
  3. Navigate to the tab and click on Manage Filters.
  4. Select the required filters and alongside the Enable filter options for mobile users setting, click Checkbox.
  5. Click Save.


  • A maximum of 5 fields can be selected as filters.
  • The following datatype fields are displayed for lead field filters –
    • Dropdown
    • Date
    • Date-time
  • Only dropdown datatype fields are displayed for activity field filters.

LeadSquared - Manage Filters on Activity Tab Smart Views


4. Assign a Smart View Tab to a Team

Once you’ve created a smart view tab, you can assign it to a team.

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Users and Permissions>Teams.
  2. Alongside the team you want to assign the Smart View tab to, click .
  3. Click Apply Smart View.
  4. In the drop-down under the Smart View column of the pop-up window, select the smart view you want to assign the team.
    • Click the checkbox under the Replace column if you wish to replace the previous smart view that was assigned to the team. This will also replace the smart view for any children teams that were inheriting the previous smart view.
  5. Click Save.
Note: The following GIF assumes you’re using the new Teams V2 UI, which makes it easier to assign features (dashboards, workday templates, smart views, etc.,) to teams. You can enable it from Profile>Organziation Settings>Advanced Configuration, search for ‘Teams’ and enable Switch to teams UI V2.

LeadSquared - Assign a Smart View Tab to a Team


5. FAQs

Why does the tab I created from admin settings reference a different activity after assignment?

This issue may arise when view permissions are applied to that particular entity for the user to whom the tab is assigned. Verify the permission template for view permissions. This is applicable to tasks, opportunities, and accounts as well. 


Why aren’t the filters configured in Manage Filters applied to LeadSquared’s platform Smart Views while creating an activity tab from settings?

Manage Filters for activity tabs is exclusively applicable to the new UI and Marvin. To customize filters for activity tabs, ensure that the new UI is enabled for the tenant.


Why can’t I reorder columns in the new Smart Views UI by dragging and dropping them?

To reorder columns in the new UI –

  1. Click LeadSquared Service CRM. Then, click Select Columns.
  2. Under Selected Columns, drag and drop the columns to arrange them in your preferred order.

LeadSquared - Rearrange Columns in Smart Views New UI


Any Questions?

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Shiju Sasidharan
Shiju Sasidharan
8 months ago

Hello can we keep a template for smart views and use the same for multiple users, so that we can save the time to create each user views separately

Dharshana Santhanam
Reply to  Shiju Sasidharan
8 months ago

Hello, Shiju.
You can create an Admin Smart Views tab and apply it to a team. This will allow all the users in that team to view and use the same Smart Views.

Zak Pierce
Zak Pierce
1 year ago

How can we default a view to show 50 instead of 25?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Zak Pierce
1 year ago

Hi, Zak. Thanks for reaching out. The default value is set to 25. While this cannot be changed at the organization level, you can increase the value for an individual Smart View tab pagesize to 50 (or to 100/200) through the Show dropdown available at the bottom of your screen. Hope this helps.

jithindas T
jithindas T
1 year ago

How to duplicate a smartview and edit it

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  jithindas T
1 year ago

Hi, Jithindas. The ability to clone a Smart View is currently not supported. We’ve taken this down as a feature request. We’ll let you know once the feature is available. Thanks.

1 year ago

how many tab can be created?

Rahul saraf
Rahul saraf
1 year ago

How to create a new tab in smart view

2 years ago

how can we add processes in smart views

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  rohit
2 years ago

Hi, Rohit. When you’re creating a new Process, on the Choose Starting Point pop-up, from the left panel, click Smart Views, and select the Smart View tab under which you want the Process to show up. To know more, refer to

Do remember that Processes can only be created on Published Forms, so make sure you’ve published a Form in your account.