WhatsApp Link Tracking in LeadSquared

1. Feature Overview

WhatsApp link tracking involves embedding tracking parameters in URLs shared with leads through WhatsApp messages. These parameters allow you to monitor and analyze your lead’s engagement, such as the number of clicks, geographic location of users, and other metrics. LeadSquared’s WhatsApp Integration with Gupshup supports Link Tracking, to help you better understand your lead’s behaviour.


2. Prerequisites

  • Ensure the LeadSquared Gupshup WhatsApp integration is live in your account.
  • To track the link clicks in your WhatsApp message, when creating a template in Gupshup, select the Visit Website button, and set the URL Type to Dynamic Link Tracking. If this step is not followed, you will NOT be able to track your lead’s behaviour as intended.

WhatsApp Link Tracking Gupshup LeadSquared


3. Enable Link Tracking

To enable the link tracking feature in your LeadSquared account –

  1. Navigate to App>WhatsApp Templates.
  2. On the Manage WhatsApp Templates screen, select a Gupshup Account, and click Add Template.
    • You can alternatively edit an existing Gupshup Template.
  3. On the Add/Modify Template pop-up, add all the necessary details, and alongside Button Template, enable the Slider slider.
  4. Select Button Type as Call To Action, and click Add Another Button.
  5. Then, select Visit Website, enter the tracking URL, and alongside Link Tracking, enable the Slider slider. This will begin tracking the links shared with leads.
Note: Once you select the Visit Website CTA button, link tracking can be enabled for both Static and Dynamic button types.

WhatsApp Link Tracking Gupshup LeadSquared


4. Access Link Click Report

To view and download the Link Click Report from your Gupshup account –

  1. Login to your Gupshup account.
  2. Alongside WhatsApp Analytics, click Gupshup menu.
  3. Under Dashboards, click Reports.
  4. On the Reports page, under
  5. Once the report is ready, you can view/download it.

WhatsApp Link Tracking Gupshup LeadSquared


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