Drip Campaigns

Trigger automated sequence of Emails to engage leads

Drip Campaigns

The Drip Campaigns feature of LeadSquared allows you to set up automated Emails to be sent to leads/subscribers automatically, when triggered by certain events. A Drip Campaign is a sequence of Email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide. You can use Drip Campaigns: To create customized follow-up or welcome Emails

Drip Campaigns on Specific Dates or Days recurring Annually

LeadSquared enables marketers now to set up Drip Campaigns based on a Specific Date & Specific Days recurring Annually. This feature gives ability to: Send reminder emails on Payment Due date or Subscription Renew dates. You can set up emails before the date, On the same date and even after regular intervals post the Specific Date.

Triggering Drip Campaigns based on Open/Click in Email Campaigns

You can trigger Drip Campaign email sequence for leads who will open or click one of your future email campaigns. If you are not familiar with creating Drip Campaigns in LeadSquared, firstly please check: How to create and schedule Drip Campaigns? In Step 02 Select Event as trigger of Drip Campaign creation you should select ” On

Why should I use Drip Campaigns to engage with my leads?

Drip Campaigns are Automated emails, sent to subscribers automatically when triggered by certain events. It is one of the best ways to engage the lead and foster a better working relationship with them. Drip Campaigns can be used as Thank You notes, Event confirmations, Archived materials, Customer education emails and so on. They can be

Trigger Drip Campaigns on email Sent/Open/Click Events in other Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns can now be triggered through email events (sent, open, click) of other Drip Campaigns. This feature will enable generic multi-step email automation by using a series of 1-action Drip Campaign and appropriate exclusion criteria. This gives you an opportunity to set-up interdependent chain of Drip campaigns based on the following  Email Events (of other drip campaigns) as

How to send test emails from Drip Campaign steps?

You can test the Email Actions set up in a Drip Campaign while creating the campaign. This helps to review how the emails appear to the Leads when delivered. For help with creating or setting up Drip Campaigns,  click here. Procedure : For sending test emails for a review before scheduling the Drip Campaign. In Step 3 “Set Actions”

How to edit a Drip Campaign step without stopping it?

Leadsquared allows you to edit the Actions (Emails) created in an Drip Campaign without having to stop the Drip Campaign completely. For the exisiting email Actions, you can make changes to the Email Content of the actions and also Reschedule the Time the email has to be sent . To get an overview of Drip Campaigns, refer to

Exclusion Criteria in Drip Campaigns

Set Exclusion Criteria: – In Drip Campaigns (Step 3) You can now specify a criteria for the Leads to be excluded from receiving the Drip Campaign emails. The “exclusion criteria” (event/condition at which the future emails of Drip Campaign sequence are paused) can now be any update in lead field or any activity on lead. For example, you can