Capture Sales Activities

Capture and Track Revenue activities

In LeadSquared, you can capture and track Sales activities that represent Revenue Transactions by adding a Sales Activity to the leads every time a Sale happens.

LeadSquared's Sales Activities

These activities sum up to give you the total Revenue generated which can be tracked and analysed easily using the Sales and Revenue Reports available under Reports in your LeadSquared account.

LeadSquared's Sales Activities

Depending on the nature of business these activities are also known as Customer Sign-up, Order Capture, Purchase Order, Paid Subscription, New Registration, Enrollment, New Deal etc. 

This activity is called as Sales Activity in LeadSquared. 


You should be an Administrator or Marketing user of the LeadSquared system in order to change the Sales Activity Settings from the Settings section of your LeadSquared system.

How to add a Sales Activity to a Lead?

For detailed information on the set up procedure for Admin & Marketing Users, refer to Sales Activity Management.

Procedure to Add Sales Activity 

There are two ways in which you can add a Sales Activity. They are:

  • From Lead Details page
  • From Manage Leads

Add Sales Activity  from Lead Details Page

  • From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Leads -> Manage Leads and click the required lead to go to the corresponding Lead Details page.

LeadSquared's Sales Activities

  • Click Sales Activity. The New Sales Activity popup appears which  has the following Sales Activity fields:
    • Product 
    • Order Value
    • Sales Date 
    • Sales Owner

LeadSquared's Sales Activities

  • In the Product drop-down field, select a product from the available options.
  • In the Order Value field, enter the value of the order.
  • In the Sales Date, select the required date of sale.

Note: Sales Date is the current date by default. You can post back dated activity if required.

  • Select a sales owner from the Sales Owner drop down field, if you wish to change the Sales Owner to any other User.

 Add Attachment to Sales Activity

To attach a document (example: Invoice) related to the Sales activity;

  • Click Save and click the Attachments tab.
  • Click Upload and select the require file File.

LeadSquared's Sales Activities


1. You may check the list of file-types/formats that can not be attached.

2. Maximum file size limit is 5MB.

3. Maximum number of attachments allowed is 20.

  • Once the settings are completed, click Save or Save And Close.

Once the activity is saved, it is captured in Activity History pane. Also the Lead Stage change of the lead changes to Customer and the activity is captured.

LeadSquared's Sales Activities

How to Edit & Delete Sales Activity

  • Click the Edit button edit-buttonto edit the Sales activity. You can modify the values captured and also upload/delete attachments and save the activity.
  • To Delete or Cancel the Sales activity, click delete.

The Activity is marked as Cancelled and the details can be viewed by clicking on the Sales activity.

How to Add Sales Activity  from Manage Leads page

To quickly add a Sales Activity to a lead directly from the Manage Leads Page:

  • From the Managed Leads window, against the required lead, click tool-button under Actions against the required Lead and select New Sales Activity.

LeadSquared's Sales Activities

Important Points to remember regarding Sales Activity

  • Default Currency will be the one specified in Settings by an Administrator.
  • Sales Activity can be renamed by an Administrator User to match your requirement.

Example: An education business may call it  ‘Admission’ or ‘Enrollment’.

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