Sales Activity Management

1. Feature Overview

The Sales Activity Management feature lets you capture important information related to each sale (e.g., product sold, sales owner, date, order value, etc.). You can add and manage the revenue generated by your customers for different products and services offered by your organization. You can also cancel or edit sales activities to manage refunds and returns.

Note: This article details how Admins can configure Sales Activities. Once set up, sales users can post sales activities (based on the activity types created by the Admin) on leads (see Capture Sales Activities).


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator or the Marketing User of your account.


3. Configure Sales Activity

Admin users can configure sales activity settings like the display name, default currency, etc. In the next section, you can also configure the fields you’d like to include in the sales activity.

  1. Navigate to Settings>Leads>Sales Activity Settings.
  2. Enter the Display Name for your sales activity (e.g., New Registration).
  3. Select or deselect the checkboxes in the settings based on your organization’s requirements.
  4. Click Save.
Note: Default currency can be changed in your Company Profile settings.

LeadSquared - Set up Sales Activity Settings

Log Activity ChangesEdits or changes to the sales activity will appear in the Activity History tab on the Lead Details page. To know more, see How to Log Activity Changes.
Allow Pre Dated ActivitiesUsers will be able to create activities for earlier dates.
Change lead stage of a lead to ‘X’ when sales activity is addedAutomatically changes the lead stage of the lead to the final lead stage configured in your account.


4. Add Your Products

You can create multiple products that your users can choose from while creating a sales activity. You must be the Administrator of your account to add products.

  1. Navigate to Settings>Leads>Manage Products.
  2. Click create icon.
  3. Enter the Product ID, Product Name, and Product Description.
  4. Click Save.

LeadSquared - Add products to Sales Activity


5. Add Activity Fields in Sales Activity Form

You can configure your Activity Form by adding custom Activity Fields. There are four default system fields and eleven custom fields which can be used in the Activity Form. To configure your form –

  1. Navigate to Settings>Leads>Sales Activity Fields.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter Display Names for the required fields.
  4. Click the Type dropdown and customise the activity field type.
  5. To add the selected activity fields in your form, alongside the field, click .
  6. Click Save.
Note: If you require more fields than the ones available in your account, feel free to contact us.

LeadSquared - Add Activity Fields in Sales Activity Form


6. Add Sales Activity for a Lead

Sales Activities can be added by Administrators, Sales Users, and Sales Managers.

6.1 From Manage Leads Page

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads.
  2. Alongside the relevant lead, hover your cursor over LeadSquared.
  3. Select the Display Name of your Sales Activity (e.g., New Registration, Quantity, etc.).
  4. Enter the details and click Save.

LeadSquared - Add Sales Activity for a Lead

6.2 From Lead Details page

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads.
  2. To view the Lead Details page, click the name of the relevant lead.
  3. Click Sales Activity and enter the relevant details.
  4. Click Save.
Note: Sales Activities can also be added through Smart Views, Manage Lists, and List Details page.

LeadSquared - Sales activity in lead details


7. Other Actions

The sales activity of your leads will be displayed in the respective Lead Details pages. You can edit or cancel an existing sales activity here –

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads.
  2. To view the Lead Details page, click the name of the relevant lead.
  3. To cancel a sales activity, click Cancel.
  4. To edit the details of the sales activity, click .

LeadSquared - Edit and Delete Sales Activity


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