CC / BCC option in Email

Now you can choose to mark other Leads in CC/BCC while sending an email to a Lead.

Here is the procedure:

For information on sending one – one emails in LeadSquared see – Send Quick One – One Emails to a leads.

While sending Email to a lead you can mark other leads in CC or BCC per your requirement.

Note: To be able to mark some one in CC the person has to be a lead in your Leadsquared account.

Add CC in Email

Note: Using CC/BCC feature comes with a few conditions as follows:

Click on the Gear Icon seen next to CC and BCC option on send email page to see the conditions popup.

gear cc

Here are the essential points to note:

1. Using CC & BCC feature disables the track-ability of Emails sent from LeadSquared. If email is sent to multiple recipients, tracking will not work correctly.

2.¬†¬†Email personalization will only work if there is one recipient on ‘TO’. If there are multiple recipients and you use CC/BCC, the First lead on ‘TO’ will be picked to do the personalization.

3. You can specify and configure if the Email has to be tracked or not by selecting – Enable tracking on One -One emails check box.

Alert on CC emails

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