CC / BCC option in Email

Now you can choose to mark other Leads in CC/BCC while sending an email to a Lead.

Here is the procedure:

For information on sending one – one emails in LeadSquared see – Send Quick One – One Emails to a leads.

While sending Email to a lead you can mark other leads in CC or BCC per your requirement.

Note: To be able to mark some one in CC the person has to be a lead in your Leadsquared account.

Add CC in Email

Note: Using CC/BCC feature comes with a few conditions as follows:

Click on the Gear Icon seen next to CC and BCC option on send email page to see the conditions popup.

gear cc

Here are the essential points to note:

1. Using CC & BCC feature disables the track-ability of Emails sent from LeadSquared. If email is sent to multiple recipients, tracking will not work correctly.

2.  Email personalization will only work if there is one recipient on ‘TO’. If there are multiple recipients and you use CC/BCC, the First lead on ‘TO’ will be picked to do the personalization.

3. You can specify and configure if the Email has to be tracked or not by selecting – Enable tracking on One -One emails check box.

Alert on CC emails

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