How to send Quick One-To-One Emails to Leads?

Leadsquared allows you to send fully trackable one-to-one emails to Leads from your login.

One to one emails are usually sent to leads when you want to communicate anything particular to a specific lead.

Please follow the below steps to send individual email to leads from your leadsquared login.


You have logged into LeadSquared.


Step-1: Navigate to Leads > Manage Leads, You’ll see all the existing leads in manage lead feature.

Manage lead

Manage lead

Step-2: Hover the mouse over Gear Actions button and click on Send Email option from the Actions list.

send email option

Step-3: Compose your email as shown below. You may create the email in the following order.

  1. Select the Sender name
  2. Specify the email subject
  3. Compose the message
  4. You may choose to select Email from a template library
  5. Click on Send button, to send email

Send Email

CC / BCC Option in Email: 

You can mark other LeadSquared users (including Lead Owner and Lead Owner Manager) and leads in CC/BCC while sending an email to a Lead.
For complete information on using CC / BCC feature kindly see : CC / BCC option in Email.



Step-4: The Send Email option in manage lead feature, allows you to send email Immediately OR you may schedule email for a later time.

Send Now: Choose this option to send email right away to a desired lead. The below screen shot illustrates the process of sending an email to a lead.

Send Email


Schedule for later: Choose this option if you would like to schedule an email for future date, time. The below steps illustrates the process of scheduling an email to a lead.

Send Later Email
Specify the data, time to schedule the email as shown below.

schedule_1On clicking ‘ Schedule ‘ button , you’ll see the confirmation message. Click on ‘ Calendar ‘ Icon to view the email schedule details.

schedule email_2


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