Manage Marketing Tags

1. Feature Overview

Use marketing tags to identify and filter out specific landing pages, email campaigns, and automations. For example, let’s say you’ve applied a marketing tag named ‘Christmas offer’ on a set of email campaigns. If you want to find the email campaigns created with this tag, on the Email Campaigns page, enter the tag name in the Filter by Tag bar.



2. Prerequisite

You must be an Administrator or a Marketing User of your account.


3. Create Marketing Tags

3.1 On Settings Page

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Leads>Marketing Tag Manager.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter the marketing tag name.
  4. To save your tag, click .
  5. To save and add a new tag, click Save & New.

LeadSquared - Create marketing tags


3.2 On Email Campaigns Page

  1. Navigate to Marketing>Email Campaigns and click Create Email Campaign.
  2. On step 3, under Marketing Tags, write the name of your tag. You can also choose an existing tag here.
  3. Click Next and finish creating your email campaign.
Note: Create a Marketing Tag in Landing Pages designer using the same method. On step 3, under Apply Tags, write the name of your tag.

LeadSquared - Create marketing tags on email campaign


4. Other Actions

  • To edit a marketing tag, alongside the tag, click Edit.
  • To delete a marketing tag, alongside the tag, click delete.
  • To search for a specific marketing tag, enter the tag name in the Search Tags bar.

LeadSquared - Marketing tags other actions


5. Apply Filters based on Marketing Tags

You can filter out email campaigns using Marketing Tags –

  1. Navigate to Marketing>Email Campaigns.
  2. Alongside Filter by Tag, click the dropdown and select the Marketing Tag. You can select multiple tags.
Note: You can apply these filters for Landing Pages and in Email Library using the same method.

LeadSquared - Apply marketing tag


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