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Mobile App Permissions

The Mobile App Permissions settings in your LeadSquared CRM allows you to offline access your Leads on mobile devices. This allows you to access, update and also create new leads while you are offline (not connected to the net) in your mobile devices. It also allows you to set permission for call recording and tracking location for your LeadSquared Mobile App.


  • You must be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared CRM.


To access Mobile App Permissions:

permissions window

On Mobile App Permissions page you can manage the following Permissions for various User roles in LeadSquared.


  • Allow access
  • No. of leads allowed
  • Overwrite Setting


  • Record calls

Location Tracking

  • Track real-time location
  • Track location on lead update

Click Edit to change the permission settings. Please see the below image for reference.

edit permissions

Once the permission settings are completed, click Save. The different permission settings are explained below:



Allow Offline Access – This setting, if provided allows a LeadSquared user to create and update Leads to the LeadSquared Mobile App without internet connectivity. Once the user is online, the Leads are synced to the LeadSquared CRM. By default, all user roles except Marketing Users have have Offline mobile app access.

No. of Leads Allowed –  This settings allows you to determine the number of leads which can be accessed offline by a user using their LeadSquared Mobile App. By default it would be 100 leads for all users.


Overwrite Setting

This settings allows you to Ignore or Overwrite Lead information, when your LeadSquared user accesses LeadSquared Mobile app offline and updates the Lead information.



Record Calls – Allows you to record the inbound or outbound calls you make with a Lead. For more information how to complete this setting, refer to How to Record Inbound/Outbound Calls for Leads in the LeadSquared Application?

Location Tracking
track location
Track real-time location – This feature allows you to capture the location when a LeadSquare user uses the Check In/Check out of the mobile app. The Check In/Check Out feature of the LeadSquared App captures the exact time when a LeadSquared user check in or check out. Once a user checks-in, it starts tracking the user’s real time location. It also captures the distance the user has covered for a particular day or a month which in turn allows you to calculate the user’s conveyance expense.
If checked, the Track real-time location setting captures location co-ordinates when a LeadSquared user Check-in/Check out.
Track location on lead update – If enabled, the Track location on lead update setting captures the location co-ordinates when any Lead field is updated. Once the setting captures the location co-ordinates, it is posted as an activity to the Activity History tab of the Lead Details window.