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Custom Dashlet Builder App

Build Custom Dashlets of your choice in LeadSquared

LeadSquared allows you to build/create Custom Dashlets for your Account that can be used to monitor lead stats right from their respective custom dashboards.


1. To Install Custom Dashlets Builder App, you should be an Administrator of your LeadSquared account.

2. Once the App is Installed: Admin & Marketing Users can build/create custom dashlets and add to the library for the users to use/add these dashlets to their custom dashboards.


Types of Dashlets that can be built are:

  1. Lead Distribution by 1 Lead Field.
  2. Lead Distribution by 2 Lead Fields.

And these Dashlets can be specifically created for 2 kinds of User Roles in LeadSquared;

They are:

1. All Lead Access Roles : Admin, Marketing & Sales Manager roles &

2. Restricted/Sales User Access : Sales Users roles.

Dashlets thus created will be available for Users based on Lead Access specified.

Images of Sample Dashlets:

Here is a Sample Dashlet for Lead Distribution by 1 Lead Field. (say Lead Stage)

Dashlet by 1 lead field

Image of a example dashlet showing Lead Distribution by 2 Lead Fields (say Lead Stage Vs Lead Source)

Dashlet with 2 fields



1. Install the App: An Admin User alone can Install the app in the account.

From the main menu navigate to Apps > Apps Marketplace > select category as Analytics > You will see Custom Dashlets Builder App. Click and Install the app.

Dashlet Analytics

On clicking Install you will be prompted to Settings page of Custom Dashlets builder app.

Hover the cursor over Settings section and click Configure from the available options.

C Dash Config

On clicking Configure a popup appears confirming successful addition / installation of Custom Dashlet builder app.

popup confirmation - dashlets app


Now that the App is Installed, Admin/Marketing Users can start building Custom Dashlets from Dashlet Builder available unde Apps Menu.

Procedure to create or build Dashlets:

Navigate to Apps > Dashlets builder > click on it to reach Manage Dashlets page.

On Manage Dashlets Page click on Add Dashlet button to start building custom dashlets of your choice.

Manage dashlets

In Create Dashlets section;

1. Name the Dashlet : This will be seen on the Dashlet as its title.

2. Give short description for the dashlet for your reference.

3. Dashlet Type:

Here you can select Access Type as “All Leads Access” or “Sales User Access“.

All Leads Access – dashlets would be for Admin, Marketing & Sales Managers

Sales User Access – dashlets can be used only by Sales Users.

For these Access types, you can choose to create the following dashlets:

A. Lead Count Distribution by 1 Lead field.

If Lead Count Distribution by 1 field is chosen, you can select one field (against the field options – lead distribution count would be shown in the resultant Dashlet.)

One lead field

Resultant Dashlet -Lead distribution by a Lead Field (Lead Stage):

Dashlet by 1 lead field

B. Lead Count Distribution by Two Lead Fields

If Lead Count Distribution by two Lead Fields is selected, you can select a filed as Lead Label field & another as Lead Column Field. The resultant dashlet would show as label field vs Column field.

Dashlets 2

Resultant Dashlet -Lead distribution by 2 Lead Fields (Lead Stage Vs Lead Source):

Dashlet with 2 fields

5. Apply Fixed Filter: You can filter in or filter out the results by giving appropriate filter to the Dashlet.

For e.g., If you wish to filter in/out Leads of any specific Lead Stage you may add a Filter. (It is Optional).

6. Preview & Save the dashlet.

5 & 6

That is all.

The Dashlet is added to the Dashlet Library and is ready for the Users to use in their Custom Dashboards.

Dashlets library


To add Custom Dashlets to your Custom Dashboards > Select category as Custom.

For help with creating Custom Dashboards see : Create your custom Dashboard in LeadSquared.
Custom dash
For any queries feel free to write to us at support@leadsquared.com.