Features and Benefits of Email Campaigns

LeadSquared’s Email Campaign feature allows you to design and send rich emails using a simple and powerful wizard. You can design a rich Email Campaign very quickly, send instantly or schedule it, track the recipient actions, and analyze the results.

Features of LeadSquared’s Email Campaign

  • Create a Campaign from scratch using HTML or Text editor.
  • Use any of the dozens of built-in templates to create a Campaign.
  • Use sent campaign as your email campaign template.
  • WYSIWYG editor that supports rich HTML and text content.
  • Embed images and files into the Emails.
  • Personalize the Email’s subject and body by using Email Personalization mail-merge fields.
  • Enforcement of sending test Email before campaign is scheduled.
  • Enforcement of compliance with Can-Spam guidelines.
  • Select a Static list or Dynamic list as the target recipients of the Campaign or create a new List on the fly.
  • Provide a Suppression list that contains Leads who should not receive the Email.
  • Guaranteed filtering-out of Leads that should not receive the Email.  Apart from members of Suppression List, these are people who have opted-out, unsubscribed, or marked previous emails as spams.
  • Guaranteed de-duplication of Email recipients: Email will be sent once and only once to a recipient in one Campaign.
  • Ability to send the final Campaign for review before scheduling.
  • Send the Email Campaign instantly or schedule for later execution.
  • Commercial grade deliverability of Emails.
  • Stop or alter the Email Campaign execution before scheduled execution.
  • Track Email clicks, Email opens, Email responses, and Email unsubscribes for the campaign.
  • Track top performing Email links.
  • View top performing Email Campaign activities in the Dashboard.
  • Track emails received and sent from Microsoft Outlook through LeadSquared.

Benefits of LeadSquared’s Email Campaign

  • Design and Send powerful Email Campaigns to your prospect base in a matter of few minutes.
  • Engage with your existing Leads and nurture them by sending updates, offers, greetings, or informational content.
  • Track all activities of Email recipients.
  • Gain useful insights from Email Campaign Reports and Analytics.

See How to Create and Schedule Email Campaigns? for more information on how to create and send email campaigns.

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