Email Campaign – Feature Guide

1. Feature Overview

With LeadSquared’s Email Campaign feature (navigate to Marketing>Email Campaigns), you can –

  • Design and send powerful Email Campaigns to your leads within minutes.
  • Personalize the content using email personalization mail-merge fields.
  • Schedule your mails to be sent at a later date and time.
  • Engage with your existing Leads and nurture them by sending updates, offers, greetings, or informational content.
  • Use Automation to send email campaigns based on lead behavior.
  • Track the activities of your Email recipients (leads).
  • Gain useful insights from Email Campaign Reports and Analytics.



2. Prerequisite

You must be an Administrator or a Marketing user.


3. Create and Schedule Email Campaigns


4. How to Use the Email Editor


5. Add Images and Documents

To add images and documents in your email, see Image and File Manager.


6. Email Campaign Report

To view reports of your Email Campaign, see How can I use the Email Campaign report?


7. Send Follow-up Emails to Leads

To resend emails or send follow-up emails to leads, see How to Send Follow Up Emails to Leads?


Any Questions?

We’d love to answer your questions or hear your unique use cases. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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