Embed Lead Capture Form in email


This procedure shows how to embed a form in email

Create and publish a landing page containing only a Form.

Form only landing page


Go to landing pages grid/list view by navigating to MARKETING > Landing pages.

Hover over Actions icon of the ‘form only landing page’ and click on ‘Export HTML’

Copy the HTML of the form and go to email campaign.

Go to Step 02 (Compose Message) of email and click on ‘Source’ and paste the Form HTML at the place where you want to add the form.

Email HTML

The output of this option will be a plain form. You need to format it further if you want to add color or background using HTML codes.

lead capture form in email

Email clients consider email forms to be a security risk. While some email clients simply warn you of potential danger, others outright disable the forms.
Upon submitting a form in many webmail clients, a JavaScript alert announces that the form is submitting data to an external page and asks if you want to continue.

Odd Behavior
Outlook.com shows the form. However, the form functions in an odd way; and certainly not correctly. If the form is submitted by keying the “return” key, the page is refreshed but no data is sent and the process is not completed. If the form is submitted by clicking the submit button, nothing happens. Outlook 2007 also exhibits some unique behavior in that it custom renders the form. Inputs are replaced with brackets and the submit button is replaced with the button’s value enveloped in brackets. So it’s a plain-text version of what the form would look like, even though the HTML is being displayed.

Email ClientForm is displayedForm is functional
Yahoo! MailYesYes
Yahoo! Mail ClassicYesNo
AOL WebmailYesNo
Apple MailYesYes
Penelope (Eudora 8)YesYes
Outlook 2007NoNo
Outlook 2003YesNo
Outlook ExpressYesYes
Windows Live MailYesYes
Lotus Notes 8YesYes

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