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How to perform bulk update on Lead records?

Leadsquared allows you to perform bulk update on a desired field for a series of lead records.


You have logged into your Leadsquared account.


You can filter leads based on specific criteria & perform bulk update on them. To know about Advanced search, please follow this help article: How do I use the Advanced Search feature.

Navigate to Leads > Manage Leads > Select leads > Hover the mouse over Actions Button & click on Bulk update

managing leads

1. Select the appropriate Lead field & specify New value for the field.

bulk updates

2. Please note: Tick the check box, only if you wish to update all lead records across all pages in manage leads page.

3. Click on Update to perform bulk update.


On performing a bulk update, you can see the confirmation message.
To know more about lead management, please follow this help article : Lead Management