Plain Text Emails

If you are drafting a very simple message and you want no junk email filter to block your message then you can select this option. The deliverability of text emails is highest, but they do not contain any graphic elements in an email.


  • You have logged in to LeadSquared.
  • You have chosen Copy from Sent Emails in step 1 of creating an email campaign.


1. Once you click on the Create Text Email option and click on Next, you will be re-directed to the text message composer. Enter a suitable Subject for the email. The subject line appears in the recipient’s inbox. You can personalize the subject by adding email personalisation mail-merge fields.

Text Email

2. You can enter the relevant text message in the space provided. Text Email is only for simple communications  and does not allow you to insert any image, link or a file.

3. The Email Personalization box in the right can be made use of extensively to add details in the email which would make it more customized. You can use Lead Fields, Account Fields, Sender Fields or Owner Fields based on your requirements.

Email Personalization

4. Before moving on to the next step, you have to mandatorily send test emails. You can do so by entering email addresses in the Send Test Emails box.

Test Emails

5. You can select the Include “view in browser” link check box to allow the recipient to view the email message in a browser.

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