Create and Schedule Email Campaigns

1. Feature Overview

With LeadSquared’s Email Campaign feature, you can –

  • Design and send powerful Email Campaigns to your prospect base within minutes.
  • Schedule your emails to be sent at a later date and time.
  • Engage with your existing Leads and nurture them by sending updates, offers, greetings, or informational content.
  • Use Automation to send email campaigns based on lead behavior.
  • Track the activities of your Email recipients (leads).
  • Gain useful insights from Email Campaign Reports and Analytics.


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator or the Marketing User of your account.


3. Create Email Campaign

Navigate to Marketing>Email Campaigns and click Create Email Campaign.

3.1 Select Message Template

  1. Enter the values for Email Campaign Name and Email Category.
  2. Create your Email by
  3. Click Next.


  • You can also choose a blank template from the available templates and design your email from scratch. To know more about how to use the visual designer, see Bee Editor.
  • For information on simple, plain-text emails, see Plain Text Emails.

LeadSquared - Select Message Template

3.2 Compose Message

Draft personalised messages for your leads in this section and test your email campaign. Format the text by using the standard icons on the editor panel to –

  • Add different structures and text boxes.
  • Add buttons and icons.
  • Add images.
  • Change font size.
  • Add colour to text and background.
  • Adjust the alignment of content structures.
  • Add bullets and numbers.

If you’ve chosen HTML as your base template –

  1. To write using HTML or copy/paste your content, select HTML Message.
  2. Once you finish writing your HTML message, click Text Message.
  3. Click Copy from HTML Message.

Creating a text message along with HTML is a mandatory requirement to meet the CAN-SPAM guidelines. If the HTML message is not delivered for any reason, the text email is sent to the inbox of the recipient. For more best practices to follow while drafting an email, see How to Prevent Emails from Ending up in the Spam Folder.


LeadSquared - Compose Message

3.3 Select Recipients and Tags

You can send emails to a large number of leads by creating a list of all the recipients.

  1. To search for recipient lists, click the Type to Search dropdown and enter the list name.
  2. To add more lists, click Add.
  3. To create a new list, click Create Recipient List.
  4. To exclude any leads in your list from receiving the email, add them under Suppression Lists.
  5. Under Marketing Tags, add tags to your marketing campaign.
Note: To know more about creating these lists, see How to Create Recipient and Suppression Lists for Your Emails.
LeadSquared - Select Recipients and Tags

3.4 Review Campaign

You can review your email campaign in this step by viewing the summary of your work or by sending it to another email ID for review.

LeadSquared - Send for review

3.5 Schedule Campaign

You can send your email campaign to leads immediately or schedule it to be sent later.

  • To execute immediately –
    1. Alongside Send Email Campaign, click circle.
    2. To send immediately, click Send Now.
    3. To save the email campaign as a draft, click Save and Exit.
  • To schedule the email for later –
    1. Alongside Schedule Email Campaign, click circle.
    2. Select the date and time to send the email campaign. Specify the time zone you wish to follow as well.
    3. To send the email at the scheduled date and time, click Schedule.
    4. To save the email campaign as a draft, click Save and Exit.
Note: You can edit email campaigns saved as drafts but not those that have already been sent.
LeadSquared - Schedule Campaign

Any Questions?

We’d love to answer your questions or hear your own unique use cases. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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elakkiya S
elakkiya S
11 months ago
  1. How to enable email campaign?
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1 year ago

How to add an html