Lock Activity after Creation

1. Feature Overview

Once your users post a Custom Activity, you can lock that activity to prevent anyone from making changes to it. Some use cases where the Lock Activity setting can be applied are when there’s a custom activity that collects customer data or contains some computed value like incentives, loans, interest rates, etc. Once these values are assigned, locking the activity will prevent users from editing or deleting it.


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Admin user of your LeadSquared account in order to use this feature.


3. How it Works

After you enable the Lock Activity setting on a custom activity, you must pass the Lock an Activity API for every activity you want to lock. You can either –


4. Enable the Lock Activity setting

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Custom Activities & Scores.
  2. Alongside an existing activity, click Edit.
    • For a new custom activity, click Add.
  3. On the Add/Update Custom Activity Type pop-up, alongside Lock Activity, enable the checkbox Checkbox.
  4. Then select the user roles for which you want to lock the activity. These users won’t be able to edit or delete the activity once locked.
  5. Click Next, and then click Save.

LeadSquared Lock Activity


5. Call the Lock an Activity API

Pass the activityId of the activity you want to lock in the Lock an Activity API.


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