Mandatory DLT Registration for SMS Services in India

1. Overview

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made it mandatory for all entities to register on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform. This has been done to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and improve mobile subscriber privacy within the country. To read more about the new regulation, see Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation 2018 (TCCCPR 18).

The DLT platform is a block-chain based registration system adopted to keep records of all transactions made between network participants. It’s aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud.

Note: The regulations mentioned above, only apply to customers using SMS services in India.


2. Prerequisites

LeadSquared enables you to send SMS to your leads directly, or through automation. These features are facilitated by the SMS Marketing App, which lets you leverage LeadSquared or other service providers (Gupshup, MSG91, etc.) to send SMS. If you’re using LeadSquared or other providers to send SMS to leads in India, these regulations apply to you.


3. How to Register on the DLT Platform

If you’re sending SMS to leads in India, it’s mandatory for you to register on the DLT platform. To register –

  1. Visit and sign-up. Note: You can also sign-up through other portals. Please refer to the attachments below for step by step registration procedure for Videocon, Vodafone, and Airtel –
  2. In the Select Your Telemarketer step of the process (page 7 of the Entity Registration Manual) enter the Telemarketer Id of your service provider. The Telemarketer Id Gupshup –
  3. MSG 91 – please refer to MSG91 DLT Related Process. For further queries, please reach out to your MSG91 account representative, or write to


Follow the remaining steps as listed in the manual.


  • For the KYC process, you may require proof of authorized signatory, self-certification by authorized signatory required on letterhead with name, designation and seal, Proof of Identity, POA: Proof of Address, Consent letter from parent entity, Service Agreement on Rs 100 stamp paper, Pan Number (Entity), GST Number(Govt.), Aadhaar Number of Authorized Signatory.
  • While specifying your telemarketer, you can select the organization and telemarketer Id.


4. Header Registration

Log in to your account at Under Headers, select SMS Headers.

Header Registration Menu

Click Add, enter the required header, then click Search.

SMS Header Listing page DLT

Select a header from the list of available headers.

select header DLT

Choose the header type (Promotional, Transactional or Service). Enter a brief description of the header, then click Submit for Approval.

submit header for approval

You can see the status of your request on the headers listing page.

header registration status

Once approved by the registrar, the status will change to Approved.

header approval


5. Content Template Registration

Log in to your account at Under Templates, select SMS Content Templates.

Note: View the guidelines for creating templates. There may be slight variations among different service providers.

content template settings

Enter the header name you already created, then click Search.

template creation

Enter the template details (enter the template name, type, message content, and insert variable placeholders by clicking the variable insert button wherever required). Click Save when you’re done.

template configuration DLT

content template DLT

You can view the details of all your templates on the template listing page.

template pending approval

Once approved by the registrar, the template status will change to Approved.

template approved DLT


6. FAQs

For frequently asked questions regarding these new regulations, please visit


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8 months ago

If we want to send sms to customers asking whether your complaint is solved or not…for that also the DLT registration is required?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Sangita
8 months ago

Hey, Sangita. Yes. In India, any business communication to your leads via SMS must be sent through DLT approved templates.

1 year ago

Can an entity from overseas register DLT for sending SMS?
Then, how can I get an OTP via mobile phone that is not in India?