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Manage User Custom Fields

1. Feature Overview

You can create custom lead fields to store data about your users like their birthdays, work anniversaries, marital status, etc. You can choose the data types you want the fields to accept and customize them according to your preference.

You can even setup automation on the basis of some of these fields, see How to Create a User Automation.


2. Customizing Fields

You can manage custom fields for your users by navigating to Settings>Customization>Custom Fields, then clicking Edit.

All the custom fields will now be available to edit. You can edit:

Field Display NameYou can name the custom field anything you want. E.g., Birthday, Age, etc.
Schema NameRepresents the database object the field will be stored as. Note that schema names should start with a character, can contain only alphanumeric characters or underscore and character length should be less than 100.
TypeThe field type can be Number, Text, DateTime, Dropdown. If you select Dropdown, you can configure the values by clicking the settings wheel that appears alongside.
Is EditableIf you select yes, the custom field will be editable in the user’s ‘My Profile’ tab.

Once you’re done editing the custom fields click Save.

Your custom fields will now be saved for all users.

You can now enter the details of each custom field while creating or editing a user from the Manage Users page. For more information, see Manage Users.

user custom fields


Any Questions?

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