1. Feature Overview

Create and customize the homepage of the LeadSquared mobile application to reflect your business requirements. With the widgets available, you can –

  • Create different homepages for different teams.
  • Allow users to view their upcoming tasks for the day.
  • Allow users to view a webpage (like a help site) without exiting the app.
  • Add scouting forms on the homepage and allow users to view any form by just tapping an icon.
  • Create shortcuts on the app using icons. For example, you can configure LeadSquared - Leads icon to direct users to the Lead List page.


  • You can add a total of 5 sections and a total of 10 widgets within these sections.
  • The date preference of the tasks and other filters can be applied by the user.
  • Only https URLs are accepted by Casa.

LeadSquared - Mobile Homepage Builder


2. Prerequisite

  • You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • This is a paid feature. To enable Casa, contact your account manager or reach out to


3. How It Works

  1. Create a Homepage – On the Casa page, create a homepage from scratch or by using the templates available. Add widgets to the homepage and configure them.
  2. Publish the Homepage – Publish the homepage or save it as a draft. While publishing, you can set the homepage as default and assign it to teams.
  3. View your Homepages – All the homepages you’ve created will be displayed on the landing page of Casa. You can edit or delete these homepages once you’ve created them. You can also view, edit and manage your templates on the Side Panel.


  • The customized home page will be reflected in the mobile app of the teams you’ve assigned them to. You can also assign the same default homepage to all the users within that organization. If a team doesn’t have a particular homepage assigned to them, they will only be able to view the default homepage on the mobile app.
  • You can create multiple homepages for the same team. A team can have a maximum of 4 homepages.


4. Build Your Mobile App Homepage

4.1 Create Your Homepage

To build your mobile app homepage from scratch –

  1. Navigate to Apps>Casa and click Create New.
  2. To add a new section in your Homepage, click Add New Section.
  3. Click on a section, navigate to the widget list, and click Add under the required widget.
  4. Configure the widget and click Save.
  5. Once you’re done customising your homepage, click Publish.
  6. To set this homepage as default, enable Set as default dashboard.
  7. To assign the homepage to specific teams, click Select Teams and then click on the relevant team. Click Publish.
Note: Homepages set as default cannot be assigned to teams.

LeadSquared - Create Mobile Homepage from scratch


4.2 Build Your Homepage Using a Template

  1. Navigate to Apps>Casa.
  2. On the side panel, click Templates icon.
  3. Select a template and click Apply.
  4. Make any customisations to the template, if necessary.
  5. Click Publish.

Note: All the homepage designs are autosaved.

LeadSquared - Create mobile homepage with template


5. Sync your Mobile App

Once published, the customised homepage will be automatically displayed on the mobile app within 4 hours. You can also manually update the homepage on the mobile app –

  1. On the dashboard of the mobile app, tap LeadSquared - Mobile app menu.
  2. Tap Sync.

LeadSquared - Mobile home builder manual sync

6. Task Counter Widget

The Task Counter widget gives an overview of the user’s tasks, including the completed, pending, and overdue ones. It can be displayed as a speedometer, fuel bar or a numeric widget.

LeadSquared - Task Counter Widget


7. Task List Widget

The Task List widget lists the user’s immediate upcoming tasks (for example, an appointment or a follow-up call) which may include pending or overdue tasks. Users can view the top three upcoming tasks on the homepage along with the start time and duration of the tasks. Tapping on View More will direct the user to the task list screen with appropriate filters applied by the user.

LeadSquared - Task List Widget


8. Web View Widget

The Web View widget displays a web view of the target URL within the section in a standard or extended view.

Note: The section with the web view widget cannot hold any other widgets.

LeadSquared - Web View widget


9. Launcher Widget

Displays a maximum of 9 icons that quick launch items from the homepage. You can choose to display these icons in grid view or scroll view. The icons and the destination they lead to can be configured. There are more than 3500 different ways you can configure these icons. For example, you can configure LeadSquared - Leads icon to direct users to the Lead List page. You can also configure an icon to navigate to a different website (like a helpsite).

These default forms are now supported in the Launcher widget –

  • Lead.
  • Task.
  • Opportunity.
  • Accounts.

LeadSquared - Launcher widget


10. Banner Widget

Add banners (a carousel view of images) on the homepage to display company announcements or navigate users to internal or external destinations. You can choose the size of your banner image (standard or edge-to-egde).

These default forms are now supported in the Banner widget –

  • Lead.
  • Task.
  • Opportunity.
  • Accounts.

LeadSquared - Banner widget


11. Lead Shortcut Widget

Add a shortcut to the Lead Details page of a list of Recently Added or Recently Modified leads. You can scroll horizontally to view the recent 10 leads in the list. To view more, on the mobile app –

  • Click on any lead.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Lead Details page.
  • Click >.
Note: Users can change the list from recently added to recently modified and vice versa on the mobile app, if necessary.

LeadSquared - Lead Shortcut widget


12. Lead List Widget

Add a list of leads on your homepage based on the selected lead fields to directly navigate users to the leads. Only the top three leads will be displayed on the homepage along with the number of leads in the list. The rest can be accessed by clicking the View More button. For example, you can add a list of leads in India and assign it to teams working exclusively in that location. Users can also call and find directions to the lead directly from this list.

Note: All dropdown type lead fields available in your account can be selected in Lead List widget.

LeadSquared - Lead List Widget

13. My Opportunities Widget

This widget displays a count of all the open, lost, and won opportunities as well as those in a particular stage. Admins can configure the default Opportunity Type and Date Range for all the opportunities displayed on this widget. Users can also edit the Opportunity Type and Date Range on their homepage when required. Admins can select multiple opportunity types to be displayed to sales users.
LeadSquared - My Opportunities Widget


14. Smart Views Counter Widget

With this widget, users can get an overview of the data count present in the smart views (for example, open opportunities for the day, new leads assigned for the day, etc.), which can include accounts, leads, opportunities, activities, and tasks. Based on the team you’re assigning this homepage to, you can assign the relevant smart views tab. You can also configure counter widgets for Mavis smart views.

LeadSquared - Casa Smart Views widget


15.Distance Travelled Widget

Users can track the distance they have traveled over different timeframes (like yesterday, weekly, or monthly) using the Distance Travelled Widget. It helps users record how far they have travelled and stay informed about their travel habits and activities. The widget’s accuracy in distance tracking improves as users log more activities. Users can also navigate directly to the Location History Tracker Report by tapping on the distance displayed on this widget.

LeadSquared - Distance travelled widget - CASA


16. Lead Metrics Widget

Track and analyse the leads added over time. Explore your lead count history, gain instant insights, and optimize your lead management strategies with the Lead Metrics widget in Casa.

LeadSquared - Lead metrics widget


17. Image Tiles Widget

The Image Tiles widget enables users to quick launch items from a predefined image layout. Users can upload images from the library and select the navigation destination of the image. With this widget, users can navigate to the relevant page within the app or even to external URLS upon tapping the image. However, certain selections may be hidden depending on the end user permissions. To add this widget –

  1. Under Image Tiles, click Add.
  2. To add your image, alongside Upload Image, click Add. Select the image from your device’s library.
  3. Position the image according to your preference.
    • To reposition your image, click and drag it.
    • To zoom into your image, hold and drag the Zoom slider.
    • To rotate your image, click 
    • To change the image you’ve added, click LeadSquared icons
    • To undo your last action, click 
  4. To remove this widget after a specific period of time, under End Date, select your end date. If you don’t select an end date, this widget will be displayed till you remove it from the homepage.
  5. Under Navigate to, select the destination for this image. You can add an external URL here as well.
    • To select the destination as an external URL, under External Link, click —–.
    • A new Launch field will now be visible. Add your URL here.
  6. Click Confirm. Then, add more pictures, if needed, and click Save.

LeadSquared - Image Tiles Widget in Casa


18. Edit Your Homepage

On the Casa landing page, click on the homepage you want to edit.

  • On the top right corner of the widget, click Three dots.
    • To edit your widget, click .
    • To delete your widget, click LeadSquared - Delete icon.
  • To delete an entire section, drag the section to the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • To rearrange the sections or widgets, drag them and drop them in the desired location.
  • To preview the published homepage without the edits you’ve made, click Preview last published icon.
  • To discard the changes you’ve made to the homepage, click discard changes icon.
Note: Edits made on homepages are saved but not published. To publish the homepage, click Publish.

LeadSquared - Edit your homepage


19. Casa Landing Page

View all the homepages you’ve created (published, unpublished, and published homepages with unpublished edits) on the Casa landing page.

  • In Teams View, homepages are arranged based on the teams they are assigned to. To open the Teams View, click teams view icon.
  • To open the Dashboard View, click Dashboard view icon.
  • To star any homepage, on its name block, click .
  • On the Teams View, drag and drop homepages to rearrange their order.
  • To view the actions you can perform on the homepages, click SIERA. You can clone, publish/unpublish, or unassign the homepages.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click All dropdown, and select Favourite, Published or Unpublished homepages to be displayed.
  • To arrange the homepages based on Alphabetical order or date of modification (Recently Modified), click the dropdown on the top right corner of the screen and select the order.
Note: Users can view the homepages assigned to their team on the mobile app. The order of the homepages in the Teams View is reflected on the mobile app.

LeadSquared - Casa landing page


20. Side Panel

While creating or editing a homepage, a side panel will be displayed on the left side of the page. On the panel –

  • You can view other homepages side by side for reference while creating your homepage. To view all the homepages you’ve created (published, unpublished, and published homepages with unpublished edits), click Team assignment icon. This window lets you perform all the actions available on the landing page (for example, assign teams, star leads, etc.). By clicking on any homepage, a preview of the homepage will be displayed along with a note of all the widgets used. You can also navigate to the Casa landing page directly from this window by clicking on Expand icon . As you are redirected to the landing page, the homepage you’ve been working on will be saved as a draft.
  • To view templates for the homepage, click Templates icon.
  • To view the editing page again, click Home icon.
  • To customise the side and bottom navigation bars on the mobile app, click Menu builder icon.

LeadSquared - Casa side panel


21. Menu Builder

You can customise the tabs displayed on the side and bottom navigation menu on the mobile app using Casa’s menu builder. You can also create custom tabs on these menus for team-specific requirements.

21.1 Create a Menu

  1. On the side panel of the Casa landing page, click Menu builder icon. Then, click Create New.
  2. On the right side of the page, you can choose to add tabs in the bottom or side navigation menu.
  3. To add tabs to the mobile app’s navigation bar, alongside the default/available menu tabs, click Add icon.
  4. To remove a tab from the navigation bar, alongside the visible tab, click Delete icon.
  5. To create custom tabs –
    1. Under Visible Menu Tabs, click Create New Tab.
    2. On the Configure Custom Tab pop-up, enter the relevant details (i.e., label, icon, and navigation). You can configure this tab to navigate to an external link as well.
    3. Once you’ve created the custom tab, under Custom Menu Tabs, alongside the tab you’ve created-
      • To add the tab to the side menu, click Add icon.
      • To edit the tab, click edit.
      • To delete the tab, click delete.
  6. To rearrange the tabs, drag and drop them in the desired order.
  7. Once you’re done building the menu, click Publish. Enter the menu title and assign it to teams.
Note: A maximum of 4 tabs are supported on the bottom navigation menu.

LeadSquared - Create menu in menu builder

21.2 Actions on Menu Builder

On the Menu Builder page, you can view a list of all the published and unpublished menus you’ve created.

  • Alongside a menu, under Teams, click on the data displayed to view or edit the team you’ve assigned it to. To set this menu as the default tab, enable Set as default menu.
  • To edit a menu, alongside the relevant menu, click edit.
  • To clone, delete, or unpublish a menu, alongside the menu, click Three dots and select the relevant option.

LeadSquared - Actions in menu builder


22. Experiment with Upcoming Widgets

You can view a list of the upcoming widgets on Casa for the next quarter and preview them.

  1. To view the upcoming widgets, on the top right corner of the page, click View upcoming widgets icon.
  2. To preview any of the widgets, below the relevant widget, click Preview.

LeadSquared - Experiment with Upcoming Casa Widgets


Any Questions?

We’d love to answer your questions or hear your own unique use cases. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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