LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v10.1)

The latest updates for our app, which is available on the Google PlayStore.


1. Configure Passwords on Mobile

New Users – No password has been set

  1. When a new user (who has not set their password yet) enters their email Id in the App and taps on Continue, they are redirected to the OTP screen. Simultaneously an OTP is sent to the user’s email Id and phone number.
  2. Once the user enters the correct OTP, they are redirected to the password configuration screen.
    1. User can enter a wrong OTP up to 3 times and try again later
    2. User can resend the OTP maximum 3 times, and try again later if necessary
  3. When the user enters the password they will have to meet a few validations that are listed down on the screen. Once all validations are ticked green, the user can proceed to re-enter and confirm the password.
  4. Once both the passwords match, the user can continue to log into the App’s dashboard.

Android New User


For Existing Users who have forgotten their passwords –
On tap of Forgot Password, the user will confirm that they want to reset the password. Once confirmed, then the OTP page will be shown to the user, with the same flow as the above image.Android Existing User


2. Forms

Activity will not be created via dynamic forms if all Activity fields are hidden.


3. Logout APIs

Users will have to be online to log out of the app.