[10-May-18] LeadSquared Mobile Updates (v4.3.1) for iOS

We’ve released 2 new user management features on the mobile app –

  • You can now automatically check-in and check-out of your LeadSquared account.
  • You can apply for leave directly from the mobile app.


Auto Check-In/Check-Out

You can now automatically check in and check out of LeadSquared at the start and end of your workday. You can also set up notifications/reminders to your users before the start or after the end of a workday.
To learn how to set up the feature, see Auto Check-In/Check-Out For Mobile.


check in reminder on Ios  auto check in on ios

check out reminder on ios  checked out automated ios


Apply for Leave

Now view, manage and apply for leaves straight from the app.

  • Admins can see the leaves of all users, apply for themselves and for other users. 
  • Sales users can track & apply for their own leaves.

Just navigate to Settings>Personal>Leaves. Once applied through mobile this will be synced with the web as well.

leave settings  list of leaves

applying for leave on mobile