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[13-Mar-18] Saved Responses and Other New Automation Features

Here’s what’s new in Automation –

  • Send dynamic content in your emails with ‘Saved Responses’.
  • Now use the ‘Wait Until Activity’ condition in your automations.
  • ‘Call Lapps’ is now available as an automation action.


Saved Responses

With the saved responses feature, you can now go beyond basic email tailoring (like mail merging name and address fields) to include dynamic content from webhooks and Lapps in your emails.

saved responses example

Here are a few use cases where dynamic responses are the perfect fit for your emails –

  • Travel packages based on a lead’s interest.
  • Real estate properties based on a lead’s interest
  • Details of the right insurance plan for a lead.
  • Pricing plans catered to a specific lead’s requirements.

For more information, see Send Dynamic Content in your Emails. You can also use the saved responses from webhooks and Lapps in other automation actions. See Dynamic Responses in Automation Actions.


Wait Until Activity

This new automation condition lets you wait until activities are performed before taking an action. You can choose to wait until a single activity occurs or you can set and/or conditions to include multiple activities.

If your business process involves activities which are dynamic and may take an uncertain amount of time, you can now use this feature as an alternative to the ‘Wait’ condition – So instead of defining a specific amount of time to wait before an action, you can now just trigger an action whenever an activity happens.

Wait until activity

For more information, see Automation Conditions – Wait Until Activity.


Call Lapp

Let’s say you’ve written a Lapp to change the ‘Revenue’ field of a sales activity from Rupees to Dollars. You can call this Lapp using automation, so every time a sales activity gets created, the Lapp gets called and changes the value of the revenue field.

For more information, see Calling a Lapp from Automation.

Call a Lapp from custom automation action