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[22-Jan-18] Other Feature Enhancements

We’ve made enhancements across multiple features to improve your overall LeadSquared experience –

  • Activities
  • Permission Templates
  • Automation
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Webhooks

In addition, you can now include the Lead Number (Prospect Auto Id) as a mail merge field in all your emails.

You can now filter activities with empty ‘Status’ and ‘Owner’ values on the Manage Activities grid.
Activity Grid Improvements

Permission Templates
If a field is masked for a user but empty, that user can still update the field value. This is useful when say a phone number is masked, but the user knows the number of the prospect and wants to update it. For more information, see How to Create a Permission Template.

Now mark an activity owner as lead owner. This is useful for users who use the activity grid extensively.
Automation Enhancements

De-activated users will now be checked out of LeadSquared automatically.
For more information, see User Management Features: Check-In and Check-Out.

You can now add custom headers while creating webhooks. The feature allows you to enter a custom name-value pair in the webhook header for security purposes. For example, you can create a custom header with “Name” = “Authorization” and “Value” = 12345”. This data will be posted to the Webhook URL. You can then choose to reject all webhook calls where this header isn’t present.For more information, see Webhooks.