LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v12.2)

The latest updates for our app, which is available on the Google PlayStore.


Smart Views

  • You can now add Opportunity custom dropdown fields as filters on the Opportunities Smart View tabs. You can also add custom dropdown fields containing Large Option Set (LOS) as custom filters on Lead Smart View tabs. This will allow you to filter Smart Views by the custom dropdown values. For e.g., you can filter all opportunities with a certain deal size, loan type, course type, etc. To enable this setting –
    1. From the web app, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Smart Views.
    2. Against an existing Smart View tab, hover your cursor over the icon, and click Edit.
      • The following steps remain the same even if you Create a new Smart View tab.
    3. On the Edit/Create Smart View screen, click Manage Filters.
    4. On the Manage Custom Filters pop-up, select the custom dropdown field you want to display as a filter.
    5. Click the Checkbox checkbox against Enable filter options for Mobile Users, and click Save.

LeadSquared Mobile App updates


  • Advanced conditions set while creating Task Smart View tabs are now supported on your mobile device as well.

LeadSquared Platform Updates