LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v16.8)

Casa (Mobile Home Builder)

  • Lead Shortcut Widget – You can now display a list of the top 10 leads according to the configured criteria (recently added and recently modified) on the homepage. This list is displayed in a horizontal scroll view, allowing users to navigate to a specific lead.

LeadSquared - Lead shortcut widget in mobile

  • Team-based allocation – Admins can now create and assign different homepages to different teams. A maximum of 4 homepages can be assigned to one team. Users within the team who don’t have a designated homepage will view the default page.

LeadSquared - Publish dashboard

  • Landing Page – The homepages you create are listed on the Mobile Home Builder landing page. These homepages are displayed on Template view (based on the templates you’ve created) or Team Distribution view (based on the teams you’ve assigned the homepages to). Admins also have the option to unassign, clone, or unpublish the homepages.

LeadSquared - Team distribution view - casa



  • Opportunity dynamic forms now support the data types mentioned below. Previously, these data types were only supported on default forms. You can enable this feature on the Advanced Configurations page.
    • Phone.
    • Email.
    • Date.
    • Geolocation.
    • Auto-id fields.

LeadSquared - Opportunity dynamic forms data types

  • Data in the Large Option Set (LOS) fields can now be set through API/LAPP rules.

LeadSquared - API or LAPP rule on LOS fields


Mobile App Additional Settings

You can now enable location and time restrictions for check-in and check-out on the Mobile App Additional Settings page.

LeadSquared - check in and out tenant setting