LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v17.0)

Manage Templates

Admins can now create and manage message templates. Users can then use these predefined templates to send emails or messages to leads. If the user already has personalized templates in their account, they will be reflected on the app as well. However, these user-defined templates will not be retained if they delete them manually or log out from the app.

Manage Templates setting on the platform

LeadSquared - manage templates settings

Templates displayed on the Mobile App –

LeadSquared - manage templates on mobile


Casa – Mobile Home Builder

  • Opportunity Widget – The opportunity widget lets users view the number of opportunities they’ve won, lost, or are still communicating with. Users can also view the opportunities that are in different lead stages to get a clear picture of their sales progress.

LeadSquared - opportunities widget

  • Default forms – These default forms are now supported in Quick Launcher as well as Banner widgets –
    • Lead.
    • Task.
    • Opportunity.
    • Accounts.

LeadSquared - default forms in banner


Field Sales Territories

Admins can now restrict users from adding or updating leads if they are not present in the users’ assigned territories.

LeadSquared - Restrict actions on territories mobile


Mavis DB

Mavis Smart Views is now supported in the mobile app. On the app, each row of the Mavis DB table will be displayed as a card. Admins can configure the columns to be displayed on the cards. The values of the top 5 columns will be displayed on the card. Users can tap the card to view the Lead Details page with the values of all the selected columns. Currently, users can only view the data in the Mavis DB.



Admins can now disable the check-in/check-out feature using the platform settings. The changes made here will be reflected on all the platforms.

LeadSquared - show check in



Previously, the Import Contact option was displayed in all forms by default. Admins can now disable this setting on the Mobile App Additional Settings page. To know more about these settings, refer to Mobile App Additional Settings.

  • When Import Contact is enabled –

LeadSquared - enabled import contact setting

  • When Import Contact is disabled –

LeadSquared - disabled import contact setting


UI Improvements

  • The LeadSquared app now displays help tips in error notification if location cannot be obtained.

LeadSquared - Help tips in error messages

  • The settings page has been revamped with additional features –
    • User contact card is now introduced on the settings page.
    • User details can be shared via messaging apps.

LeadSquared - redefined settings on mobile