Mobile App Additional Settings

To access the settings, from the LeadSquared web app, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Additional Settings. Here, you can manage and configure the following settings –

LeadSquared Mobile App Settings

App ScreenshotEnable the Slider slider to allow screenshot and video capture of the mobile app. This setting is only applicable to the LeadSquared Android App.
Image CompressionBy default, the image compression setting is set to “High”. You can change this using the following –

  • High – The images uploaded will be of high compression, low-quality resolution, and small file size.
  • Medium – The images uploaded will be of medium compression, medium-quality resolution, and medium file size.
  • Low – The images uploaded will be of low compression, high-quality resolution, and large file size.
  • Disabled – The images uploaded will not be compressed, will be of very high-quality resolution, and be a very large file.
Activity Audio RecordingPass a JSON here to record the audio of face-to-face meetings through the LeadSquared mobile app. To know more, please refer to Audio Recording for F2F Meetings.
GeofencingTo ensure your field sales users can post custom activities only when they are in the lead’s vicinity, pass the JSON listed below.*
Work Area ValidationYou can restrict your users from performing all actions (such as Add Leads, Update Tasks, etc.) on the LeadSquared mobile app. For e.g., you can restrict your users from performing actions until they have completed their training, until their background verification check is complete, etc.
Access will be restricted based on the value of a Custom User Field. For e.g., you can enable access only when the value of the ‘Training Status’ custom field is ‘Completed’. To enable this feature on your account, reach out to your account manager, or write to
Forms: OTP re-verificationEnable multiple OTP verifications in the Email and Phone fields of a form. This will be required every time a user submits a form.
Forms: Open i-frame linkFrom your LeadSquared app, you can open i-Frame links –

  • Within the mobile app. This action happens by default.
  • In your mobile device’s browser. To know more about forms and processes, please refer to Forms and Processes on Mobile.
Nudge ConnectorIf the Nudges Connector is installed and configured in your account, this slider will be enabled by default. The slider cannot be enabled or disabled from this screen. To enable the Nudges Connector, reach out to your account manager, or write to
Once you’re done, click Save.


  • Enable the Location Tracking on LeadSquared Mobile feature is enabled on your account before you pass the Geofencing JSON.
  • Users will not be able to post Geofenced activities on a lead that does not have a location.
  • Your users must have an active internet connection for the Geofencing feature to work.

* Pass the following JSON to Geofence activity posting –

“EventCode”:”Activity code1“,
“Geofence”:radius in metres
“EventCode”:”Activity code2“,
“Geofence”:radius in metres

Entity TypeThe LeadSquared entity type (“Activity” in this case).
Restricted EventsList of custom activities (activity event codes) for which you want to enable Geofencing.
Event CodeThe activity event code for the activity type. To obtain this, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Custom Activities & Scores, and alongside the corresponding activity type, copy the Code.
RestrictedActionsThe action your users will be restricted from performing (“Create” in this case).
ActionThe action your users will be restricted from performing (“Create” in this case).
GeofencePass the radius (in meters) from your lead’s location, within which your user can post the activity.


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