LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – iOS (v10.6)

The latest updates for our app, which is available on the Apple AppStore.


Custom Field Sets Support

Custom Field Sets integrated with default lead forms and dynamic forms are now supported on the mobile app. To know more, please refer to Adding Custom Field Sets to Leads.

LeadSquared Mobile App updates


Restrict User Actions

You can now restrict your users from performing all actions (such as Add Leads, Update Tasks, etc.) on the LeadSquared mobile app. For e.g., you can restrict your users from performing actions until they have completed their training, until their background verification check is complete, etc.
Access will be restricted based on the value of a Custom User Field. For e.g., you can enable access only when the value of the ‘Training Status’ custom field is ‘Completed’. To enable this feature on your account, please reach out to your account manager, or write to support@leadsquared.com.

LeadSquared Mobile App updates