Adding Custom Field Sets to Leads

This article assumes that you’ve already created one or more custom field sets and are now looking to integrate them with leads.



While creating a custom field set, you must select the lead integration checkbox. This will make the custom field set available for lead integration –

CFS Lead Integration


Associate a Custom Field Set with Leads

After creating a custom field set, you can associate it with a new custom lead field. Note that you cannot associate a custom field set with an existing lead field. You must create a new one.

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Leads>Lead Fields and click Create.
  2. After entering the custom lead field details, in the Data Input Type dropdown, select Custom Field Set.
  3. Use the Custom Field Set Type drop-down, to select a custom field set you created. Click the settings Settings icon icon alongside the drop-down to edit the custom field set
    Note: Edits you make to a custom field set from here will not apply to the actual custom field set template you created. The edits will only apply to how the custom field set behaves with respect to this lead field.
  4. Configure the Lead Fields Properties, then click Save.

Add Custom Field Set to Lead


Customize Your Lead Forms

Once you associate a custom field set with a lead field, you can configure where you want it to appear in the layout of your lead forms.

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Leads>Lead Forms.
  2. Use the Select form to edit drop-down to select either the Create Lead Form or the Create Quick Add Form*.
  3. You can now drag and drop the custom field set to customize the form layout. If you don’t want it to appear on the form, drag and drop it to the Hidden Fields pane on the right.
  4. Click Save.

* Custom field sets are currently not supported for the ‘Create lead form on mobile’, ‘Agent popup form’ or ‘Lead vCard’.

CFS Lead Forms

The custom field set will now appear on the form as customized. Navigate to the Manage Leads page and click the Add New Lead form (or the Quick Add Lead form).

add new lead form

In this example, a custom field set for identification documents has been included in a ‘Documents’ section of the Add New Lead form.

cfs in lead form

Note: The ‘Edit Lead’ pop-up on the Manage Leads page will also display the custom field set as configured –

edit lead pop-up

CFS in edit lead popup


Viewing Custom Field Sets

Custom fields sets will appear in all places where lead fields are available such as  –

Manage Leads and Smart Views

You can use column customization to display custom field sets on the Manage Leads and Smart Views pages. Click the column customization select column icon icon.

column customization CFS

Click the checkbox alongside the custom field set, then click Save.

CFS customization

The selected field will now show up on the grid –

CFS in lead grid

Advanced Search

Custom fields sets associated with lead fields are available in advanced search throughout the application –

CFS in advanced search

Lead Details Page

You can view and edit custom fields sets from the lead details page –

lead details CFS


Bulk Update

You can bulk update custom field sets from the Manage Leads page. For more information, see How to Bulk Update Lead Fields.

CFS bulk update

Note: File type fields of custom field sets will not be available for bulk update.


Import and Export

  • You can import custom field sets through regular lead import.
  • You can export custom field sets along with other lead fields from the Manage Leads page. For more information, see How to Export Leads.


Any Questions?

If you have questions related to this article, please leave us a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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1 year ago

how to enable attachement for any acitivity

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  prerana
1 year ago

Hi, Prerana. You must enable the Allow Attachment setting on a Custom Activity to enable your users to add attachments.