LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – iOS (v8.8)

The latest updates for our app, which is available on the Apple AppStore.

Account Lists & Smart Views

If you have the Accounts feature enabled, you can now view Accounts in the navigation menu on your mobile app.

  • Manage Accounts – Where all the account types are shown.
  • Account List – All the accounts created for a particular type will be listed here.
  • Right to Left Swipe Action – Assign leads option will navigate the user to lead selection screen. A maximum of 25 leads can be assigned at a time.
  • Single Selection – The Edit and Delete Account options will be visible here.
  • The Search and Filter option is available.



Opportunity Management and Smart Views

You can now set Opportunities or Smart Views as your home screen.




You can now add task locations using the GPS_iOS GPS icon.