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Manage Accounts

The accounts feature lets you manage all your B2B relationships through LeadSquared. Create accounts for all your partners, vendors, third-party services, etc., store all the data you need (account details, account owners, stages, etc.) and add and manage your leads under these different accounts.

Note: If you’re new to the accounts feature, Account Settings is the best place to start. This article talks about the Manage Accounts page and the various actions you can perform on it. Also see Account Access for Sales Groups and Account Details.



Any account type you configure will show up on your main navigation menu under Leads>Manage Accounts. Each account type you click will take you to its own Manage <Account Type Name> page (e.g., Manage Colleges, Manage Partners, etc.).

main menu>manage accounts


View Leads Within an Account

On the Manage Accounts page, click the expand button to get a quick view of some of the leads under the account.
To view all leads, click the Account Name link or the View All Leads link, this will take you to the Account Details page.

manage accounts actions

You can also perform actions on leads directly from here. Just click the settingsSettings iconwheel alongside the lead record.

lead actions on manage accounts page


Account Actions

You can perform the following actions on a single account –

  • Edit
  • Change Owner
  • Change Stage
  • Delete

Click the settingsSettings iconwheel alongside an account to choose an action.

account level actions

You can perform the following bulk actions on multiple accounts –

  • Export Accounts
  • Change Owner
  • Change Stage
  • Reset All Filters

Click the check-boxes alongside the account name, hover your cursor over the Actions menu, then choose an action.

Account actions

Click Export <Account Type> to export all accounts within a particular account type. You can export all fields or choose the account fields you want to export. After choosing an option, click Export.

Once the export process completes, you’ll receive a download link in your email.

Note: You can export up to 100,000 accounts. To export more accounts than that, please contact us at support@leadsquared.com and we’ll export all the records for you.

export accounts

When changing the owner or stage, you’ll be prompted to select the new value.

change account owner


Add New Accounts or Leads.

To add a new account under the current account type select the Add <Account Name> button and fill in the account details form.

new account

new account form

To add a new lead to an account, click Add New Lead. You’ll be prompted to select the account and then enter the lead’s details.

adding lead to account

add lead to account

Note: A quicker way to add leads to an account is through bulk update on the Manage Leads page. For more details, see Account Settings.


View Related Leads

The Related Leads tab on the Lead Details page shows you other leads that belong to the same account. You can click the View & Manage All Leads link to go to the Manage Leads page and perform bulk actions on these leads.

lead details related leads


Any Questions?

If there’s anything you want to know about the accounts feature that you couldn’t find here or if you’d like to leave some feedback, please feel free to use the comments section below. We’ll get to it asap!