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LeadSquared Website Widgets

LeadSquared Top Bar Widget is a lead conversion tool that you can put on your website and landing pages to get  distinguished attention of web visitors on your marketing offers.  The TopBar widget is simple to design and connect with your website. You can design it in your LeadSquared account, specify which pages to display on and publish. It does not require any change to be done on your website.


  • You should have an active LeadSquared account
  • The website domain on which you want to put TopBar should be associated with you LeadSquared account
  •  LeadSquared Tracking Script should be on the website pages

Creating Topbar

  • From the default leadsquared dashboard, go to  Marketing -> Website Widgets and follow the steps below to create a widget for your website.
  • Hover over Create Widget and click Topbar.


  • In the Name field, enter the name for widget.  This is an internal name that you can use to identify Topbar later.

  • Click Edit to setup message and design of topbar.


  • Enter the text under the Headline field which you want to display in the Topbar widget. You can also select the different color for the text and background of widget.


  • Enter the text for Button and the URL in the Text and Link fields respectively where it redirects the lead. You can select the text color and background color of the button.


  • After completing the design, click Save.

Note: The design shown is the popup is in a compressed format. So the look and feel may be different in the popup. To view actual the Topbar, click Edit

  • Select the option from visibility dropdown. Widget will be displayed on webpages and landing pages according to selected option.
    • All Webpages: Widget appaers on all the webpages of the website and in all the Landing pages.
    • Specific Webpages: Allows you to display the widget on specific pages which are added. To add URLs, enter it them in the below text field and click Add URL.
    • Exclude on Specific Webpages: Displays the widget on all the pages excluding the pages which are added in the exclusion list. To exclude URLs, enter it in below text field and click Add URL.

Note: To specify the URL, enter the complete URL every webpage. For example: www.leadsquared.com

  • Select the duration for which widget must display under Duration. If you want to display widget on specific days, you can select so.

  • Once the setting up is completed and you are ready to publish the widget, click Save and Publish. The Topbar is displayed on pages at the time period which you had selected.

Note: You do not need to make any change on your website.