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Quick Search – Global Search

Global / Quick Search Now you can quickly search for leads from any page using the Global/Simple/Quick search available on the Main Menu.

Click on the Magnifying glass icon to see the Search bar.

Quick Search is also available on Manage Leads Page just above the Filters.

Quick Search

Quick Search uses full text search on the following fields:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Phone Number
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Company
  7. City
  8. Country.

Plus – Lead Tags.

For more information lead tags, see Tag Your Leads.

Whenever search is carried out, these lead fields will be searched for and results are displayed.

Here is how you can use Quick Search:

1. Search with Full word: Use a complete word to search for leads.

The result would show all the leads associated with the word searched for.

The image below depicts results for search carried out with name ‘Sharma‘.

Typically all leads having Sharma as a value in their lead fields appeared in the the search result.

One word Search

2. Search using Part of word along with * (Asterisk):

You can search for leads using part of the word by simply adding an *(asterisk) attached to it.

E.g., Search for Mich* will give you all leads having – Michael, Michelle, Michigan etc in lead details.

word plus asteriskNote: Using an Asterisk (*) at the beginning of the word (if used with part of a word)would not fetch any results. E.g, *Mich or *son would not fetch appropriate results.


You can further Refine your search by using the methods described below:

3. Search for Combinations of words / multiple words:

A. Use (+) plus to search for combinations of words in the following format:

+<Word> <Space> +<Word>

E.g., You are searching for John from California   Search with +John +California

or for Sachin from Mumbai search with +Sachin +Mumbai

2 word search


Note: You may use this method to search for a lead with Full Name which would be a combination of First Name and Last Name in LeadSquared.


B. You may use (-) Minus/Hyphen symbol as illustrated below with the combination of words  to filter out leads.

E.g.,  “Sachin Not from Delhi”  +Sachin -Delhi [ all Sachins from Delhi will be excluded in the results]

So the format is +(Word being searched for) <space> -(Word to be filtered out)

plus and minus

C. If you try searching with Two Words at once (say any Full Name) without using (+) as suggested in the steps above, the Sear Results would have all leads matching at least one word.

E.g., Search for John Walters, would give all leads with either John or Walters in their searchable fields. Refer to the image below.

22 words


4. Use Double Quotes to search for the exact String of Words stored in a Single field.

For instance New York,  you may Search for such words by enclosing the string in Double Quotes

Here are a few examples :

“New York”

“LeadSquared Inc” etc.

String of words

Please write to support@leadsquared.com for any queries with using Quick Search.