Request History

Request History is an option in Settings page which shows the status of all Asynchronous requests raised by a User. Asynchronous request refers to request like Delete All Leads in List, Lead Export etc…

Navigate to MyAccount > Settings>Account Settings>Click on Request History. Click on Request History, Administrator can see all logs raised by different users in Request History page and other users can see their logs only. When request gets completed, an email notification is sent to user who has raised the request.

Request historyAdministrator can subscribe to email notification for request raised by any user. By doing so administrator will be sent a Cc of email notification sent to user who has raised the request. For Subscribing to notification, select the checkbox for Subscribe me to notification.

request 1a

Request History also provides download link for Lead Export. To download the CSV file, do following:

1. Mouse hover on Action button respect to Lead Export request.

request history1c

2. Click on Download Lead Export.

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