Request History

1. Feature Overview

The Request History page allows you to view the asynchronous requests you’ve made from your LeadSquared account (, Delete Leads, Lead Export, etc.). Admin users can view all the request logs of different users, while other users can only view their own logs.

Note: API request logs can only be accessed from the API logs page.


2. Request History Setting

  • To view the logs of your requests, navigate to Settings>Profile>Request History.
  • Once you complete a request, you will receive an email notification.
    • If you’re an Admin user, you can opt to receive emails for requests raised by other users. To do so, select the Subscribe me to notifications checkbox.

LeadSquared - Subscribe to notifications

  • You can download the CSV file of all the Lead Imports from the Request History page. To do this –
    1. Hover your cursor over and select Send Import Report.
    2. You will then receive an email with the link from where you can download the CSV file.
Note: You can download a CSV file of Lead Exports by following the same steps.

LeadSquared - Download lead import


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