Lead Form Customization

Manage Forms Setting helps in customizing Lead Add/Edit and Details forms inside LeadSquared. You need to be LeadSquared Administrator to access this setting at My Account > Settings > Manage Custom Fields -> Manage Forms

You can customize the following forms:

1) Add New Lead Form

2) Quick Add Lead Form

3) Add Lead Form on Mobile

LeadSquared Lead Forms

You will able to choose form fields decide their order on these forms.

Customizing Add New Lead form

Select “Create Lead form” from “Select form to Edit”. You are able to do the following:

  1. Create, Edit and Delete a section 
  2. Manage sequence of different sections.
  3. Manage position of different field in a section.
  4. Move field from one section to another.
  5. Manage the length of field  displayed in form
  6. You can Hide unused Custom fields


By default, LeadSquared is configured with three basic Sections:

  1. Lead Details
  2. Additional Details
  3. Hidden Details

 You can create your own sections, rename existing ones and delete sections (a section can be deleted after you remove all fields from a section). You can move fields from a section to other. 

The changes done will be immediately reflected in Add New Lead, Edit Lead and Lead Details pages. 

Note: If a lead field is moved to Hidden Field section it will not be displayed in any form and also it will be removed from Lead Details Page.

Create Section:

1. Click Create Section.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

2. Enter the section name and press Enter button from keyboard.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

3. Click Save to save the changes.

Rename Section:

1. To rename a section, go to a section and click Edit.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

4. Enter the new name for section and press enter

LeadSquared Lead Forms

5. Click Save to save the changes.

Delete Section:

1. To delete a section, click Delete.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

2. Click Save to save the changes.

Note: Only empty sections can be deleted.

How to change order for fields within or across sections?

You can move custom fields from one place to another in a section or between the sections using simple Drag and Drop functionality. To arrange the form in your desired way, do the following:

1. Click on a custom field and drag the cursor over the place where you want to place the the particular field.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

2. Release your mouse.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

3. Click Save to save the changes.

 How to change order of sections?

You can also arrange the sequence of different sections by drag and drop feature.

1. Click on Expand/Collapse icon to collapse all sections.

LeadSquared Lead Forms

2. Left click the mouse on section and drag the cursor over the place where you want the particular field and release.

LeadSquared Lead Forms



3. Click on Save to save the changes.


Adding Hidden Fields to a Form

You can add hidden fields (unhide fields), by dragging a field from the Hidden Fields section on the right, into the relevant form section. You can also search for a hidden field.

LeadSquared Form Fields


Customizing Quick Add Lead form

Select the “Create Lead  Quick Add Form” from “Select form to Edit”. You will notice that there is only one section “Lead Details” on this form. This is by design since the purpose of “Quick Add Lead” form is to have a simple form that can be used to add lead data quickly.

You will be able to do following:

  1. Manage order of field  with Lead Details sections
  2. Move field from Lead Details to Hidden Fields and vice-versa

LeadSquared Lead Forms

Save the changes and your customization is done.

Customizing Lead Form on Mobile

For detailed information on this, refer to: Customizing Lead Data on Mobile

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